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Almost every one of us has had to deal with the frustration of getting rid of stretch marks at some point of time in life. While stretch marks most profoundly affect women who are undergoing pregnancy, even males and adolescent girls might have to deal with them in phases of rapid weight gain and weight loss.

What Causes Stretch Marks to Make a Visible Appearance on the Skin

Stretch marks happen when skin is stretched beyond its normal capacity to stretch and become taught. In order to cope with this stretch, the elastin in the underlying skin breaks down just like rubber bands and causes the skin to show visible Stretch marks. You can actually see the curled up elastin under the thin layer of the skin which has broken and recoiled to give that typical texture to the skin, which is commonly known as Stretch marks.

Why Are Moisturizers that Treat Dry Skin Unable to Resolve the Damage Caused to Skin from Stretch Marks?

It is to be noted that no injury takes place on the outside in the case of Stretch marks and hence external treatments like wound healing techniques will not work to resolve the texture of Stretch marks. The texture is an underlying feature of the skin whose thin layer has stretched beyond its capacity and is not at all a result of skin drying out. This is the main reason why traditional moisturizers meant for only catering to add suppleness to dry skin will not reverse the damage from stretch marks as they only work on the outermost surface of the skin. Many people might wrongly assume that applying natural moisturizers like cocoa butter or Vaseline Petroleum jelly early on during pregnancy or prior to the sudden weight loss regimen might prevent the occurrence of Stretch marks or reduce the stress caused on the underlying layer of the skin. Unfortunately, this is a myth and any form of moisturizer will not work towards resolving Stretch marks.

Do Massages, Microdermabrasion or Dermal Rollers Work Towards Resolving Stretch Marks

There is no breakthrough technology that can completely resolve the appearance of Stretch marks that has resulted from the injury caused to the collagen underlying the top layer of the skin. These treatments include microdermabrasion, massages or dermal rollers. This is true since massaging is not a scientifically proven method to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. Furthermore, massaging can be dangerous to the developing baby who is very delicate since different kinds of massages use different forms of pressure treatments to resolve skin and muscle concerns.

On the other hand, dermal rollers, which cause controlled wounding to the skin area, are not well suited either since there is no clinical evidence that states that wounding of the skin in this form is beneficial or works towards generation of collagen. From a scientific perspective, collagen is a material that cannot be generated artificially.

Furthermore, microdermabrasion is yet another technique that has no specific improvements based on scientific research. Being an aggressive form of treatment, many people might not be able to commit the time, effort and trauma that it takes to complete all the sessions of microdermabrasion.

Why All Natural Organic Balms are Your Best Bet for Effective and Worry Free Stretch mark Resolution

Given the fact that most methods available for treating or resolving Stretch marks either prove ineffective or cause further trauma to skin via the forceful nature of the cosmetic procedure itself, it is best to go for naturally formulated organic products as the best gifts from nature to slowly heal underlying collagen.

It is a well known fact that the collagen in the skin cannot be artificially built, but is only replenished through all natural products that have been well researched in the organic herbal market. This is the main reason that relates directly to the effectiveness and gentleness of these natural organic anti-stretch oils and balms, which have made them the choice of millions around the world.

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