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A massage oil is the best kind of oil for body massages. These days massages are done for a number of reasons. Massages also vary in types and styles as well as region and according to the body type. A different oil corresponds with the different type of massage. Today we will explore how to get the best and most out of some essential and massage oils. There is a great therapeutic value connected to massage and in order to get the maximum benefits from every massage, the best oil needs to be chosen for the specific purpose. In most situations the oils used in massaging are sweet almond and olive. However there exist many more options too.

A good massage oil needs to have specific properties making them suitable for use during a massage. Many of these requirements needs to be met without doubt. Others, however, might be swayed a little bit. These properties include:

  • Density – a good massage oil must not be too dense. It needs to be pure and in general, filtered. 
  • Viscosity – a good massage oil needs to have a low viscosity. This means the massage oil needs to flow smoothly onto the skin’s surface. It must not be a sticky liquid such as sugar syrup or honey. When applying the oil, the massage oil must move along with the hand. 
  • Absorb in a reasonable time – a good massage oil needs to be absorbed into the skin’s surface layer. However this must not happen too fast. 
  • Must not have drying effects – oils such as hemp tend to leave on a drying effect. These dry out quicker than other oils allowing the skin to feel much drier than usual. This is wanted in a few cases, however, not in all forms of massage. 
  • Odor – oils leaving an unpleasant odour are stayed away from in massages, unless it is absolutely required. In order to mask the unpleasant odour of a nutritionally good oil, essential oils with fragrant smells are used. 
  • Moisturization – the extent to which the oil seal moisture inside the skin’s outer layer makes it that much more desirable. Oils which moisturize better allow for the skin to be hydrated and smooth for a long period of time. 

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