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Incense is one of the most magical and common tools. A lot of devotees and practitioners will use incense sticks on a regular basis for praying and magical acts that range from meditations to elaborate rituals. Incense does not offer power or versatility. Instead it is a useful tool to work with. Incense sticks utilize our sense of smell, helping align the practitioner with the area in which it is burnt and with the required energy and mood.

Some of the world’s most common incense sticks include:

Amber – This element is representative of both knowledge and history. Amber is amazing for meditations in which the practitioner is looking to discover information. It is brilliant for regressions in the past life as well as divination leading to the past. It is associated with the air.

Cedarwood – Like similar wood incenses, Cedar is fire associative. Cedarwood is also usually viewed as an incense that denotes power or strength. This incense needs to be burnt in a castle or fort, within armies before battle or in newly built temples in order to announce the strength of a person and to push this strength outwards. This is a great incense for spells meant to increase a man’s virility.

Cinnamon – This is by far the most useful incense stick. Cinnamon is also one of the easiest incenses to be located. Cinnamon is associated with fire making it a great choice for dealing with the fire elements. It is also extremely useful in communing with Mars and other fire deities. Cinnamon is linked closely with lust and sexual desire, allowing for supportive lust spells and a great choice to be burnt during lovemaking. Cinnamon should also be burnt when trying to raise energy levels. Powerful spells or rituals benefit from the burning of cinnamon for the providing of energy needed.

Jasmine – This incense stick is closely linked with both night time and love. While Jasmine is linked with love, it is not linked with sex appeal or sex. It is however associated with beauty. Here is where Jasmine begins differentiating itself from Rose. While Rose utilizes the full spectrum of romance, Jasmine is linked with inner beauty or someone with a beautiful character.
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