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Joint Pain is one of the most debilitating conditions faced mostly by people who have crossed their middle age. Due to the painful nature of the condition, arising from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sprains and even sport injuries, people often feel heavily incapacitated to carry out their daily activities with ease and are stressed out overtime as the condition worsens. Since bones form the structure that supports the entire body, keeping it balanced and mobile, any injury or trauma to the joints from disease or otherwise means that the overall underlying framework undergoes stress and hence you might experience a lot of pain.

Doctors are extensively involved in relieving Joint Pain through the use of medication and even physiotherapy, to reduce the inflammation and prevent the joints from stiffening or losing their normal functioning capacity. As is evident, doctors have no choice but to use different forms of pain killers to reduce the pain and discomfort from Joint Pain. The strength of medication is directly related to the nature of the pain and inflammation in the joints. While episodes of mild to moderate joint pain are tackled through the use of traditional pain killers, which carry temporary side effects, extreme pain in the joints might lead to heavy doses of strong drugs that have the ability to bring down severe inflammation and Joint Pain. Obviously this comes at a price in the form of side effects from pain reducing drugs, including liver damage, feeling of drowsiness and constipation and improper functioning of the gastric tract.

Sometimes, relief from joint pain comes through physical therapy that strengthens the muscles and underlying structure and heat, cold or nerve stimulation through electrical impulses might also help in certain cases. Weight loss, knee braces, hot or cold compresses, elastic wraps and the use of splints might also prove helpful, but all these remedies work on the external aspect and often provide only temporary relief, since the underlying joint is not treated in a holistic way.

In the current situation when more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of organic and natural herbs and diet options for their families, holistic herbal formulations for providing strength to the joints are finding their prominent place in the market. Herbal organic supplements for relieving Joint Pain range from capsules to be taken internally to different forms of pain relieving oils.

Among the most prominent herbs from Mediterranean and Indian herbal dictionaries, especially astoundingly effective in Joint Pain relief is Frankincense or Shallaki, which has the capacity to treat not just osteoarthritis but also the unimaginably painful condition, Rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions like gout and muscle or skeletal pain. Other familiar herbs often blended with formulation targeted at Joint Pain relief include sesame and saffron, to name a few.

Often powerful Ayurvedic formulations derived from extensive research and observation are power packed to present quick results from holistic healing when dealing with a spectrum of conditions that cause Joint Pain including Sciatica, Lumbago, Acro-arthritis, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder, low backache or general back pain, trembling of the hands and feet, all other forms of Arthritis and general pain, swelling or stiffness.

The mechanism of action that comes from the use of natural organic herbal remedies for Joint Pain relief is extremely holistic and scientific by nature. This includes reduction of swelling and inflammation that is a noteworthy cause of pain and assisting the blockage of Leukotrienes, substances that tend to attack healthy joints and this is a quality found specifically in the healing properties of Frankincense. While organic herbal remedies are as effective as drugs in the reduction of inflammation, swelling and joint pain, when weighing the pros and cons of the two contenders in this context, herbal remedies that are organic and pure by design score much better due to their virtually absent side effects throughout their mechanism of action and extended relief from Joint Pain.

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