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Acidity is one of the most common problems faced by most of us and when the feeling lingers around for a while, it could be quite frustrating and even prevent us from concentrating on daily activities. We are all envisaged with the harmful effects of environmental toxins that enter the stomach through food which might not be completely natural and organic in nature or might be infected or sabotaged through a number of other means. We might also experience episodes of acidity due to stress and hence Acidity Control is one of the major aspects we have to deal with in today’s lifestyle.

Sometimes the acid content in the stomach rises beyond limits that the body can successfully cope with and as a result, the acid rises to the food tube or esophagus and irritates it and causes inflammation. Due to this, people who face episodes of acid reflux often complain of pain and burning sensation in and around the chest area, specifically the middle of the chest or behind the breast bone. Sometimes, acid reflux and the general feeling of acidity might be confused with a number of other conditions including asthma or heart trouble. Further to this, people who tend to neglect the symptoms of acidity often develop asthma, cancer of the esophagus, erosion of the tooth enamel and a number of conditions of the larynx. Hence Acidity Control must be a priority for any individual facing some or all of these symptoms in order to avoid more debilitating conditions that might affect your overall health.

While a visit to the doctor might result in a prescription medication like an antacid, or for more severe cases, a medication that curbs the production of acid in the stomach. But either approach is not without side effects and when it comes to Acidity Control which is triggered by a number of factors like smoking, alcohol and drug intake or obesity, only a holistic healing therapy might be the best option. Herbal organic and natural supplements for Acidity Control treat the condition in a holistic way and help the body heal gradually, without any accompanying harmful side effects.

Ayurveda and Mediterranean herbs have had an especially sustained and consistent reputation in being able to successfully reverse the effects of acidity and extreme acid reflux. Organic and natural herbs for Acidity Control including Senna, Triphala herbal formulation, Ajwain or Bishop’s weed, Hing or Asafetida,Pudina or mint and Amla or Indian gooseberry have the ability to cleanse the gastric tract and resolve all conditions that result in improper digestion and accumulation of gases, hence preventing and controlling acidity.

Amla or Indian gooseberry has found extensive use in Acidity Control and treatment of acid reflux. Ajwain is also a powerful agent that can deal with the effects of acidity, hyperacidity and acid reflux and even treat symptoms of gastritis. Hing and Pudina are very soothing to the gastric tract and the effect of the organic natural herbs can be felt almost immediately, which ease the pain and burning sensation caused due to acid attack arising from the stomach. Senna is primarily included in herbal organic formulations due to its ability to relieve constipation and cleanse the gastric tract, making it free from toxins. The ability of Senna to cleanse the gastric tract from especially hard to get rid of toxins absorbed from improper foods is especially noteworthy and it acts unlike any other herb, forcing the substance out of the gastric tract, even with a small intake over a short period of time.


Triphala for example is a complete formulation of a holistic healer that relieves constipation, restores digestive function and cleanses the entire gastrointestinal tract. It also works to negate the symptoms that arise from accumulation of gases in the stomach due to improper digestion and create an acidic environment in the gastric tract. Triphala is a natural organic healer for gradual and effective Acidity Control.

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