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Jasmine Essential Oil is extracted from the flowers of Jasmine. The oil is extracted mainly from the latter variety. Jasmine is a very famous flower. It has a strong yet sweet, pleasing and romantic fragrance, which is very common in flowers, which bloom only at night and fills the surroundings with its unmistakable and alluring fragrance. Some of the impressive health benefits that jasmine oil are discussed below.


Jasmine Essential Oil has many benefits.


  1. Antidepressant

The aroma of jasmine essential oil has a pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind and actively fights depression. This makes a person feel happy and potentially awakens romantic and poetic feelings. The aromatic effect of jasmine oil stimulates the release of certain hormones in the body, including serotonin, which results in the boost of energy and the uplifted mood.


Use Jasmine Fragrance Oil to dispel depression and unpleasantness.


  1. Antiseptic

It is also a very good antiseptic and disinfectant. Its constituents like benzaldehyde, benzoic acid and benzyl benzoate have very effective germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral properties. When externally applied to wounds, it prevents them from becoming septic and effectively eliminates potential infections from tetanus. It can also have internal applications, and when inhaled, it is known to reduce infections in the respiratory system and can relieve colds and coughs.


Jasmine Soap helps to keep the skin clean and free of infections.


  1. Aphrodisiac

It is actually the aphrodisiac property of Jasmine Essential Oil that makes you feel romantic or in love. This oil puts people in the mood for love and also enhances your libido and feelings of sexual desire. It also helps cure problems such as premature ejaculation, frigidity, impotency, and various other sexual disorders. This property is also derived through the oils impact on the hormones and chemical reactions within the body for enhanced sexual activity.


Jasmine Aroma Oil reduces fatigue and stress leading to total body relaxation and acts as a sexual stimulant.


  1. Skin Care

Jasmine oil has long been associated with skin care, particularly in terms of treating dry, brittle, or dehydrated skin. However, since it does have certain non-sensitizing effects, it is not always pleasant to use on cracked or open wounds on the skin, as it can cause an allergic reaction, or irritation.


Jasmine, Mogra and Green Tea Body Massage Oil is excellent moisturizer for aging and tired skin.


  1. Expectorant

The expectorant property of Jasmine Essential Oil can help you have an undisturbed night of sleep, even when you are suffering from a cough or cold. It provides relief from coughs by helping clear out the accumulation of phlegm in the respiratory tracts.  It also eliminates snoring by clearing the congestion from nasal and respiratory tracts.

Jasmine Tea helps to relieve respiratory disorders and soothe congestions. 


  1. Antispasmodic

Jasmine Essential oil is very good for treating and relaxing spasms. It provides quick relief from spasmodic coughs, cramps, congestion, asthma, breathlessness and even spasmodic cholera. It also alleviates intestinal cramps and pains resulting from spasms in other parts of the body. Spasms can be dangerous, disruptive, and even deadly sometimes.


Use diluted Jasmine Essential Oil to alleviate spasms and pain resulting from it.


  1. Sleeping Aid

A combination of jasmine essential oil’s properties make it an ideal tool for inducing long, restful, and undisturbed sleep. Its behavior as an expectorant, sedative, and antispasmodic combines to create a conducive environment for falling asleep and peacefully sleeping for the entire night. By reducing signs of insomnia and sleeplessness, it will make you well rested, kind, patient, and productive at work and in your personal life.


Jasmine Tea helps to relax and also eases chronic inflammation like muscle aches and pains thereby inducing restful sleep.


It is highly relaxing and sedating and thus heavy doses should be avoided. Again, those who are allergic to Jasmine should avoid using it, as with any essential oil made from a known allergen. But for rest this is a boon of an essential oil that has many health benefits.



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