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Sweating out in gym is great. You feel, energetic, active and motivated. You know you are sweating because you are working hard. But what if you sweat all day long, a lot. That is embarrassing. If you are one of those people who has tried every medicine in the world and still sweat like a pig or constantly nag that they should lower the temperature in the office because it is just too hot and sweaty while everyone around is wrapped up  in a scarf if not a blanket, don’t worry I am here to help you. Just grab one of the following things, use is as directed and you are good to go. No one is going to turn up their nose as you walk past them nor will your secret Santa plan and gift you a deo this Christmas.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is a little acidic in nature this is why it helps to reduce the bacteria from the skin. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and wipe your underarms and other sweaty areas with this cotton ball. The antibacterial properties will kill the bacteria that make you sweaty and odorous.


  1. Wheatgrass Juice


A glass of wheatgrass juice keeps sweating away. No seriously, it does. Drinking a glass of wheatgrass juice every day in the morning will reduce your excessive sweating. Follow this routine for 10-15 days regularly and you will see the difference soon. Wheatgrass juice is cool in nature and it balances the body acids which cause the odorous sweating.


  1. Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is very beneficial for a lot of skin related problems. It reduces the acne and pimples, tames the frizzy hair, and also reduces the dryness in skin. Along with these qualities, tea tree oil is also used to treat excessive sweating. Just dab a few drops of tea tree oil in your underarms every morning after taking a shower and see the magic happen. The natural astringent in tea tree oil helps to control the excessive sweating and reduce the odor.


  1. Steamy Bath


I know, not everyone has the luxury of having a steam bath every day. But I have a solution for that as well. Tightly close all the doors and windows of your bathroom and turn up your tap of hot water. Place a bucket beneath it after adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil or rose essential oil and get ready to get amazed. Soon you will see that your bathroom is full of steam and the mild fragrance of peppermint or rose will linger in the steam. The steam will help to open and clean your skin pores and the fragrant essential oil will cleanse your skin and reduce the odor. To know more about essential oils, click here.


  1. Mild Skin Products


We often use skin products made of harmful chemicals that are harsh on our skin. They not only wash away the natural oil on our skin leaving it dry they also hamper it. These skin products are another reason why you sweat a lot. The irony is we use deodorants made out of harmful chemicals to cover up the odor which in turn increases the odor. The best way is to go natural and organic. Starting today, pledge that now on you will use only natural skin products, like organic soaps and body mists, which would mildly cleanse your skin without damage it.


  1. Neem


Neem or margosa is a very effective home remedy to treat many skin problems. For starters, it cools down the body temperature. It is also antibacterial and antiseptic in nature which helps to reduce and control the excessive sweating and the odorous after effects. Just replacing your soap with a neem soap will make a lot of difference.


So now on, stop blaming the temperature for your sweating and start feeling fresh and healthy.


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