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It’s difficult being wise and so is having a wisdom tooth. The irony with wisdom teeth is that it’s painful when they grow out in our gums and so is the extraction. You might think that any tooth extraction is painful, but the fact is, wisdom tooth is the most painful because they are bigger and are stronger. The cavity or lack of hygiene are not the only reasons for wisdom tooth extraction, sometimes impacted wisdom teeth grow out of gums, wrong growth or uneven teeth growth due to lack of gum space, sometimes the jaw is too small to accommodate the new tooth, the reasons are innumerable. This at times causes inflammation or infection in the gums and sometimes the lack of hygiene due to its uneven growth causes tooth decay and cavity. If we don’t take care of the decay in time, it leads to cavity and extraction is the only solution left and for impacted teeth, extraction is always the only solution. No matter what the reason for your tooth extraction was, it leads to a horrible pain. Of course, the doctors prescribe medicines and antibiotics to reduce the pain, but sometimes even they are ineffective and you are not supposed to consume more than the  prescribed quantity. At these times, having some home remedies handy is always helpful.


  1. Ice Pack


As you read this article, I can imagine you holding your cheek with your hand, pressing it a little, thinking it might reduce the pain, it might, but I have a little something that might help you feel better. Between your hand and the cheek insert an ice pack, it will lower the temperature and help the blood to clot. If you find the ice pack temperature to be too intense on your hand, cheek and gums, wrap a towel around the ice pack and keep it on the cheek, it will soothe the pain. Alternatively, you can also use a cold compress.


  1. Clove Oil


Clove oil is a very powerful home remedy for any tooth or gum related pain. It is analgesic and antiseptic in nature. It is also aesthetic to some extent and this property helps to numb the pain. All you have to do is put a few drops of clove oil on a gauze and dilute it with a little water, bite this gauze gently between your aching teeth for around half minute and take it out. You can swallow or spit out the liquid. You will realize that you are relieved of your pain within seconds. This is an old, tried and tested remedy.


  1. Yogurt


Often the doctors ask the patients to eat yogurt after tooth extraction. One reason is it is easy and soft to eat, rather swallow, other is, it is probiotic and works as a natural antibiotic which helps to heal the wound quick. In case you are lactose intolerant, you can have probiotic capsules instead.


  1. Gargling


Gargling with warm saline water is very helpful to soothe the internal wound. Warm up a glass of water, don’t boil it, add a tablespoon of salt to it, mix it well and gargle with this solution. Adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder will help to heal the wound faster. Rinsing the mouth with apple cider vinegar and water solution also helps to reduce the pain. You can also boil 10 to 15 tender guava leaves in water, let it steep, and gargle with the water after straining it, this solution is helpful because guava leaves are antiseptic in nature.


  1. Vitamin C


Vitamin C helps to heal the gum wound fast. When a tooth is extracted from your mouth, the doctor ofter asks you to be on a liquid diet. They ask you to drink juices, eat ice cream and yogurt. Drinking juices rich in Vitamin C would not only keep you hydrated and provide you with energy, it will also enhance the healing process. The best way to increase your Vitamin C intake is drinking, Indian gooseberry (amla) juice, lemon juice or orange juice.


  1. Peppermint Leaves


Pressing peppermint leaves on the extracted tooth area helps to soothe the pain. All you have to do is press peppermint leaves on the wound for 15-20 minutes and you will be relieved of your pain. Otherwise you can also dab it with peppermint oil.


Use these home remedies stop the wisdom tooth ache, but remember, don’t stop being wise.


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