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Thyme is a common herb and is generally used as a condiment or spice. Besides that, thyme is also used in herbal and domestic medicines. The medicinal properties of thyme come mainly from its essential oils, which are extracted through steam distillation of fresh flowers and leaves. Benefits of this oil are discussed below.

  1. Antispasmodic

Millions of people around the world suffer from coughs, cramps and aches due to spasms. Spasms are unwanted and excessive involuntary contractions which may take place in the respiratory tracts, nerves, muscles, intestines or other organs and may result in coughs, convulsions, epileptic or hysterical attacks, cramps and muscular aches, abdominal and intestinal aches, and even spasmodic cholera.


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  1. Antirheumatic

There are two main reasons behind rheumatism, arthritis and gout. The first is improper or obstructed circulation and the second one is an increasing concentration of toxins like uric acid in the blood stream. Being a stimulant, it stimulates or activates circulation and its diuretic properties helps to flush out toxins. Both ways helps cure rheumatism, and related conditions like arthritis.


Eating supplements like glucosamine and msm tablets with calcium and vitamin D3 help to treat and prevent rheumatism, arthritis and gout.


  1. Antiseptic

Thyme essential oil is a good antiseptic and safeguards wounds and sores against infections. This is mainly due to the presence of components like Caryophyllene and Camphene in thyme.


Derive the antiseptic qualities of Thyme Essential Oil by using it in diluted form.


  1. Bactericidal

The same Caryophyllene and Camphene, along with a few other components, give thyme essential oil antibacterial properties. It kills bacteria as well as keeps them away from the organs in the body. This is particularly beneficial in curing bacterial infections like B-Colitis, renal colic, bacterial infections in the genitals and urethra, intestines, and respiratory system as well as the external exposure of wounds.


Using Thyme in food helps to inhibits bacterial growth within and outside of the body.


  1. Cardiac Friendly

Thyme essential oil is good for every part of heart health. It keeps the valves functioning properly, while being an antispasmodic, it relaxes the arteries and veins and thereby reduces blood pressure and stress on the heart. Furthermore, it strengthens cardiac muscles and tones up the heart, since it is a tonic.


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  1. Carminative

Gases that build up in the stomach and intestines can rob you of your appetite and sleep, raise your blood pressure, pose a threat to your heart, give you severe stomach aches, cramps, vomiting, headaches and nausea. Thyme essential oil, being a carminative forces the removal of gases through downward movement and prevents its formation.


  1. Diuretic

Those who are suffering from an accumulation of water in the body due to chronic renal failure or from growing concentration of toxins and salts in the blood are sure to benefit from this essential oil. It increases urination and helps in the removal of excess water, salts and toxins from the body.

Moringa Capsule  is a natural supplement also detoxifies your digestive system and gastrointestinal tract.


  1. Insecticide

It can keep away insects and pests and also eliminate them if it becomes necessary. It can be effectively used to keep away parasites that feed on the human body like mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bedbugs, and flies, as well as insects that attack food grains and clothes like beetles and moths.


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  1. Cicatrisant: This is a tremendous property of thyme essential oil. This property makes scars and other ugly spots on your body vanish. These include the surgical marks, marks left by accidental injuries, acne, pox, measles, and sores.


Use diluted Thyme Essential Oil to fade marks and spots on the skin.


  1. Expectorant: When you are suffering from colds and coughs, you need to find an expectorant. Thyme essential oil is a great one! It helps cure infections that cause cough and cold and drains congestion, thereby giving relief from coughs and colds.


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Sometimes it is an irritant to some people, as well as a hypertensive substance that increases blood pressure thus caution should be practiced. But otherwise it is as beneficial as many other essential oils. 



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