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Clove is an evergreen tree, which produces a flower bud that has numerous medicinal properties and so is its essential oil. Several toothpastes, mouthwash and oral care medications contain clove oil as an important ingredient. But it has several other health benefits as in the following list of health problems.

  1. Infections

Due to its antiseptic properties, clove oil is useful for wound, cuts, scabies, athlete’s foot, fungal infections, bruises, prickly heat, scabies, and other types of injuries. It can also be used for treating insect bites and stings.

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  1. Skin care

Clove oil is often recommended for skin care, especially for acne prone skin. Clove oil is used in many products for lessening the effects of aging, like wrinkles, sagging skin, and facial rejuvenation for the eyes because of its rejuvenating and stimulating properties, which can increase blood flow to unhealthy skin and make it look young again.

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  1. Immune system

Both clove and clove oil are useful for boosting the immune system. Its antiviral properties and ability to purify blood increases resistance to a multitude of diseases, because the antioxidants in clove essential oil scavenge the body of dangerous free radicals that cause a multitude of diseases like heart disease and certain types of cancer.

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  1. Stress

Clove oil is aphrodisiac in nature and therefore serves as an excellent stress reliever. It has a stimulating effect on the mind and removes mental exhaustion and fatigue. When ingested in appropriate amounts, it refreshes the mind and stimulates brain function.

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  1. Pain Reliever

Clove oil has many flavonoids within it, which are anti-inflammatory agents. When topically applied to the temples or neck, that anti-inflammatory quality will ease the inflammation or tension that so often brings about headaches. For the same reason, clove oil is used as a pain reliever on other parts of the body, like joints and overworked muscles, to provide some relief from painful inflammation or swelling.

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  1. Indigestion

Clove oil has traditionally been effective for the treatment of stomach-related problems such as hiccups, indigestion, motion sickness, and flatulence. Therefore, clove is one of the most important spices added to many Indian dishes. This is once again due to the potent effects of eugenol, one of the main functional parts of clove essential oil.

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  1. Respiratory problems

Clove oil has a cooling and anti inflammatory effect, and is frequently used to clear the nasal passage. This expectorant is a useful treatment for various respiratory disorders including coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, and tuberculosis. Chewing a clove bud is traditionally recommended to soothe sore throats.

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  1. Nausea

Clove oil is helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting and is often used for pregnancy-related morning sickness and discomfort. Using it occasionally in aromatherapy or topically applying it to pillows at night for long-term inhalation can result in these positive effects.

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  1. Blood circulation

Eugenol is the active ingredient in clove essential oil that causes this stimulation of blood circulation and reducing body temperature. An increase in blood circulation typically means a reduction in tension of the blood vessels, increased oxygenation of the blood and organ systems, which increases metabolism and raises organ efficiency.

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Clove oil blends well with many essential oils thus making it a popular element in aromatherapy and other herbal combinations. However, one should be careful while using clove oil, because it is very strong even in small quantities and must be diluted before application or ingestion.






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