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Limes, like lemons, are full of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients, as is its essential oil. The essential oil of lime is extracted by cold compression of fresh lime peels or by steam distillation of its dried peels. Let’s explore the more specific health benefits that lime essential oil can provide for us.

  1. Antiseptic

Lime essential oil can cure infections, protect against their development, and also contains antiseptic properties. More specifically, it can prevent tetanus if you are wounded by something made of iron. When externally applied, lime oil can cure infections on the skin and in wounds. When consumed, it effectively helps to cure infections of the throat, mouth, colon, stomach, intestines and urinary system. It is miraculously effective in curing sores, gangrene, psoriasis, ulcers, rashes, carbuncles and other similar problems. It can even cure viral infections of the respiratory system, thus benefiting in the treatment of bronchitis. It is effective in fighting other viral infections such as flu, mumps, coughs, colds, and measles.

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  1. Astringent

Being an astringent, lime essential oil helps to cure toothaches, strengthen the grip of gums on the teeth and protect them from falling out. It also tightens loose muscles and gives a feeling of firmness, fitness and youth. This property can also be used to cure diarrhea. The final important benefit of astringents is their ability to stop hemorrhaging by contracting blood vessels.

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  1. Disinfectant

Lime oil is also known for its disinfectant properties. Added to food, it protects them from getting spoiled through infection by microbes. When consumed, it can cure microbial infection in the colon, urinary tract, kidneys, and genitals. When applied externally, it protects the skin and wounds from infections and helps them to heal quickly. It can also be used in a diluted state for applying on the scalp. This will protect hair from various infections like lice, and also strengthen it so it won’t fall out prematurely.

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  1. Antibacterial

Lime essential oil is a good bactericide. It can be used in the treatment of food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera, all of which are caused by bacteria. Furthermore, it can cure internal bacterial infections like those in the colon, stomach, intestines and urinary tract as well as external infections on the skin, ears, eyes, and in wounds.

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  1. Aperitif

The very smell of lime oil makes the mouth water. In small doses, it serves as an appetizer or an aperitif. It also activates the secretion of digestive juices into the stomach before you even starts eating and increases your hunger and appetite.

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  1. Febrifuge

Fever is just a symptom that shows the immune system of our body is fighting against infections or various unwanted substances. Thus, fever almost always accompanies infections, such as colds, viral infections, bacterial infections and infections on wounds, liver malfunctions, pox, boils, allergies and arthritis. Lime essential oil, since it is an antiallergenic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, cicatrisant, fungicidal and antiseptic substance, can help cure the cause of fever and eventually reduce the fever, thereby acting as a febrifuge.

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  1. Haemostatic

An agent that can stop bleeding, either by promoting the coagulation of blood or by means of contracting the blood vessels, is considered a hemostatic. Lime oil is a hemostatic, by virtue of its astringent properties, which help to reduce hemorrhaging by contracting the blood vessels.

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  1. Tonic

Lime essential oil tones up muscles, tissues and skin as well as the various systems that function in the body, including the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive and excretory systems. This tonic effect helps retain youth for a long time and prevents the appearance of aging symptoms like hair loss, wrinkles, age spots, and muscle weakness.

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Lime essential oil many benefits thus used extensively in aromatherapy and as a home remedy. Use it sparingly for the various mentioned benefits above.




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