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Orange oil is one of the key components extracted from orange peels There are many essential oils that are extracted from oranges. Orange oil, sweet orange oil, petitgrain, neroli, bergamot and bitter orange oil are some of the essential orange oils extorted from the peels. Discover its many benefits below. 


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  1. Beautiful Skin

Being a common constituent of many beauty skin care products, orange oil has many healing properties. Extracted from bitter orange as an essential oil, neroli is known to slow down the process of aging and strengthen sensitive skin. Even acne can be gotten rid of through application of orange oil.


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  1. Aromatherapy

Orange oil is one of the essential oils used in aromatherapy and massage as it contains a key soothing ingredient linalool that helps relieves tension, stress and creates a peaceful calm atmosphere. Simply add a few drops of orange oil to your fingertips and gently massage the temple area for soothing relief.


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  1. Digestive problems

Orange oil has amazing curative properties for healing various stomach problems, for example; indigestion and bloating. It can help with many of these problems, since it relaxes the abdominal and anal muscles, thereby letting the gas escape. Furthermore, it does not let additional gas formation.


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  1. Perfume

Rubbing orange oil to your skin can give you a scented and refreshing feel. It is known to uplift mood and gives citrusy freshness.


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  1. Cleaning agent

Being a good antibacterial and antiseptic agent, sweet orange oil can be added to water in measurable drops and used as a household cleaner. You can make a spritzer by combining clean water, orange oil and Epsom salt. Spritz the mixture over kitchen countertops and tabletops and wipe dry with a clean cloth. This is not only very eco-friendly, but also very cheap.

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  1. Insect repellent

Oranges generally contain an ingredient that wards off insects, ticks, flies and mosquitoes. What’s more is that you can apply orange oil onto your skin to keep mosquitoes away. If you are suffering from insect bites, using orange oil can take away the itching sensation and cool the area. Research suggests that orange essential oil is effective against larvae and pupae of housefly and may help in elimination of houseflies.


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  1. Antispasmodic

Spasms can result in many irritating or serious problems including continuous coughing, convulsions, muscle cramps and extreme diarrhea. To avoid these effects, spasms must be treated early or prevented entirely. This can be done with the help of orange essential oil, which relaxes muscular and nervous spasms.


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  1. Antidepressant

The very smell of orange essential oil reminds us of happy moments and brings pleasant thoughts to mind. Research suggests that natural essential oil of orange helps to reduce pulse rate and salivary cortisol due to anxiety.


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  1. Diuretic

Orange Oil can effectively flush the body of toxins as well and promotes urination, which eliminates toxins like uric acid, bile, excess salts, pollutants and excess water within the urine. Optimum urination  leads to increased appetite and promotes digestion.


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  1. 10. Tonic

The relation of a tonic to the body is quite similar to overhauling and servicing a vehicle. A tonic tones up every system that functions throughout the body, keeps the metabolic system in proper shape, contributes to strength, and boosts immunity.


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So use this essential oil variously to reap its benefits and smell citrusy and fresh always.




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