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Cough and cold is one of the most common ailments. Season change, food, travelling or careless health regimes can trigger cough and cold any time of the year. Noticing early symptoms and getting the best natural remedies to cough and cold can ease the discomforts of getting cold and also, get rid of the problem at the earliest.  Symptoms include blocked nose, tickly throat, headache, heaviness near the neck or head, difficulty in breathing, body pain, fatigue, running nose, frequent sneezing, fever, etc.

How to overcome cold naturally?

To overcome the worry of cold or flu one can resort to taking often prescribed ways to get rid of the sickness. One can gargle in breaks with a glass of warm water mixed with a little less than half a tea spoon of salt, try to get good rest to allow proper reconstruction of the immune system, wash hands after blowing nose, stay clean and keep the surroundings clean, drink hot or warm liquids, avoid stale food or cold coughing foods, and wear warm clothes or stay well-covered. Common cold, flu or cough is so common that people prefer to take precautionary measures or opt for natural products to cure or, keep common cold or flu of any kind at a distance. Of course, one has to visit the doctor for more advice if the cold or flu gets severe or worse.

Herbal Remedies for cold

Besides taking good care of oneself as one catches cold or flu one can take the help of the benefits of natural products or organic products to get rid of cough and cold. You can try traditional herbal mix with multiple health benefits. Seasonal flu or cold can weaken the immunity and can further cause severe health damages. Herbal products with well- studied medicinal qualities in the herbs are available in plenty. Certain herbs serve the purpose to eliminate cough, cold, or sore throat more effectively. Licorice with its ant-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities is one such herb. Also, there are ‘Churna’ or ‘traditional herbal mix’ of different types of herbs with different medicinal qualities to provide you the natural benefits to fight the infection. These natural medicines can help cleanse and re-build your immune system. Herbal supplement naturally gives the health benefits required to treat the infection be it viral, bacteria or fungal with no side-effects.  

Essential oil benefits for cold

Inhalation and keeping the room sanitised is an effective way to come out of cold or flu. Essential oil benefits the health with its purifying and cleansing nature. You can resort to steaming using essential oils. Take just-boiled water in a large bowl and add a few drops of essential oils such as eucalyptus oil or thyme oil. Wrap a towel over your head to allow the steam to be more effective. Close your eyes, bend a little towards the bowl and inhale the vapour to breathe in the antimicrobial and soothing qualities of the oil for about five to ten minutes. Also, you can put a few drops on a tissue to place it near your nose to overcome congestion caused by cold or flu.

Applying ointments or balms easily soothes a person suffering from cold or flu. Natural balm with the benefits of essential oils such as gandhpura oil, nilgiri oil, eucalyptus oil etc. are available with great impact to fasten the recovery process of a viral or a bacterial infection. A gentle massage on the forehead, neck area, nose, throat, chest and back can bring the much needed relief in the fever, headache, or body ache caused due to cold, cough, or flu. It enables easy blood circulation and release congestion. On using a natural balm, you can experience lightness in the pain and irritation caused due to the infection.    

Ayurvedic Cough suppressant

Ayurveda can bring wonderful solutions to daily health issues. Ayurvedic-science produces a well-studied and prepared herbal benefits for cough with strong medicinal qualities to protect your immunity and destroy the symptoms of cough and cold. Ayurveda uses medicinal herbs to help you gain the goodness of Mother Nature and get back to good health and wellness without the fear of side-effects. Therefore, it can be one of the first options for you to get rid of cough and cold. Ayurvedic cough suppressants can suppress the discomfort and at the same time boost your immunity to regain your lost health.

So, if you get the symptoms of cough and cold don’t delay in getting the best natural help to get rid of the problem. Be natural, stay natural!

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