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Straightening, coloring and all other chemical treatments may enhance your mane and make you look beautiful. But unfortunately, these chemical treatments cause immense damage to your hair.

Why do you need to take care of chemically treated hair

Hair becomes dry, coarse, fragile and vulnerable to any hair-affecting factor. Visiting salons to get hair treatments to maintain is expensive and ultimately over burdening your hair with more chemical and harsher processes.

How to take care of chemically treated hair

Chemically treated hair needs extra care, gentle handling and attention to make them manageable and beautiful. Below are certain tips to that would help to relax and nourish the chemically treated hair.


Use Mild Shampoo to wash chemically treated hair

    Chemical processes strip, weaken, dry and thin hair. They further destroy the outer hair cuticle, thereby making the hair fiber porous. It is important to use a mild shampoo that contains natural oils to repair and protect the hair. Sulphate free and alcohol-based products should be avoided at all costs.

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    Cleanse your Scalp when you have chemically treated hair

      While washing the hair, one should remember the golden rule that the cleansing product should be applied directly to the scalp and massaged. The hair strands are gently cleansed when the shampoo runs through them while shampooing.

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      Careful Conditioning

       For chemically treated hair, the whole strand needs conditioning. Thus remember to apply from the roots to the tips.

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       Lather the Shampoo

      The shampoo should be lathered in your hand before applying it to your scalp. This will ease the stress on the fragile locks.

      Right Conditioner

      Since the hair is more vulnerable and porous due to the chemical treatments, it needs more protection; hence a moisturizing conditioner is a must. It is better to leave the conditioner for 2-3 minutes on the hair to help it soak in all the moisture before the final wash.

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      Avoid Sun

        You may not be aware that chemically treated hair is also more sensitive to sun’s damaging rays than non-treated hair.  Take care to avoid sun or protect your hair by using a scarf or umbrella.

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        More Conditioning

        Chemically treated hair need frequent deep conditioning. And a good old fashioned unrefined coconut oil or olive oil is perfect when combined with steam for maximum benefit. It is also advisable to do hot oil massage, to repair damaged hair and boosts blood circulation in the scalp  One can also opt for deep conditioning masks such as the mayo with mashed avocado works wonders.

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          With the hair being ever so brittle, wash and condition hair after detangling. This will avoid the hair from being further strained. It may seem hard work but is well worth it in the long run.

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          Seal the Moisture

            A good moisturizing leave in conditioner to helps to seal in moisture and protect the hair. To further fortify your hair from damage, use a light conditioning oil like Jojoba, Olive, Grapeseed or Sweet Almond Oil on your ends to further seal. 

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            Postpone Touch-Ups

              Waiting longer than recommended between touch ups or your chemical treatment is greatly beneficial to the hair. It prevents overlapping of chemicals on the already treated hair. Less overlapping means less breakage and thinning.

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              Get more Haircuts

                Getting a trim every 8 weeks will make the hair healthy. It will help to get rid of the dry, split ends.

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                One must however not neglect the hair when it is chemically treated because it may lead to hair loss and other problems. Taking care of chemically treated hair can be troublesome but with the right care and products, it will be strong, shiny and manageable, and not to mention beautiful!


                Frequently asked questions

                How can I maintain volume in chemically treated hair?

                Use volumizing products specifically designed for chemically treated hair. Avoid heavy styling products that can weigh down the hair.

                Are there specific hairstyles to protect chemically treated hair while sleeping?

                Try loose braids or a silk scarf to prevent breakage while sleeping to preserve the integrity of chemically treated hair.

                How does pH-balanced shampoo benefit chemically treated hair?

                pH-balanced shampoos help maintain the natural pH level of the hair, preventing further damage.

                Can I go swimming with chemically treated hair?

                Minimize exposure to chlorinated water as it can lead to dryness. Consider wearing a swim cap or rinsing hair with fresh water before swimming.


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