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Tulsi Oil


Tulsi or basil is one of the best medicinal herbs that are known to mankind. Tulsi has been used since ancient times for a variety of reasons. Tulsi is known for its medicinal and germicidal properties. Tulsi is known to have several health benefits. It is believed that even going near to the tulsi plant can prevent one from infections and other health disorders; such is the power of tulsi. Tulsi has been and is still worshipped in many Indian households as a holy plant. The leaves of tulsi can be used to extract tulsi oil which is as beneficial as the plant itself. Tulsi oil contains all the nutrients and properties of the tulsi plant and is said to be one of the healthiest oils that are available for use.

The following are the health benefits of tulsi oil:

  • Helps to cure fever: Tulsi oil is known to have healing properties because of the phyto-nutrients content in the oil. Tulsi oil has germicidal, antibiotic, fungicidal and disinfectant properties and so it can protect the body from various types of bacteria, virus and fungi. The use of tulsi oil thus helps to cure fever, influenza, malaria and typhoid as it kills all pathogens.





  • Helps to cure and prevent respiratory disorders: Tulsi oil contains camphene, Eugenol and cineole which help to prevent several respiratory diseases. The use of tulsi oil helps to treat congestion and even provide relief from acute and chronic bronchitis and other respiratory disorders. Tulsi oil also keeps the respiratory tract free from infections as it kills the bacteria, virus and fungi in the respiratory tract.



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  • Helps to prevent and cure asthma: Tulsi oil is an effective remedy for asthma patients. The use of tulsi oil helps to clear congestion and facilitates easier breathing thus helping to prevent asthma. Tulsi oil contains phyto-nutrients, minerals and several other compounds that provide relief from several symptoms of asthma.


  • Helps to cure lung disorders: Tulsi oil contains compounds like Vitamin C, Eugenol, camphene and cineole which help to clear and cure all types of infections of the lungs. Tulsi oil also helps to clear the congestion in the lungs and is thus an effective treatment for several diseases associated with the lungs. Tulsi oil with its antiseptic properties and the above mentioned compounds also helps to cure tuberculosis. It is also effective in curing lung diseases and damage caused because of smoking and lung cancer.


  • Helps to prevent heart diseases: Tulsi oil contains Vitamin C and Eugenol which act as anti-oxidants and fight against free radicals that cause oxidative stress and damage of the heart muscles and cells leading to various heart diseases. Eugenol also helps to lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood stream. Tulsi oil is therefore beneficial in protecting the heart against several heart diseases.


  • Helps to manage and prevent stress: Tulsi oil contains anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, camphene and Eugenol that also fight free radicals that cause stress. The use of tulsi oil helps to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and sooth the nerves which further helps to reduce stress. Tulsi oil also contains potassium which reduces stress caused by increases blood pressure.


  • Helps to promote dental health: Tulsi oil is known for its disinfectant and germicidal properties and thus helps to promote dental health. Tulsi oil destroys bacteria which cause cavities, plaque, tartar and bad breath. Tulsi oil also prevents the teeth and gums from decay. The use of tulsi oil also helps to keep teeth strong and prevent these from falling. The use of tulsi oil also helps to prevent ulcers of the mouth. The use of tulsi oil can also inhibit the growth of oral cancer which is caused due to chewing of tobacco.


  • Helps to prevent kidney stones: Tulsi oil also acts as a diuretic. The use of tulsi oil detoxifies the body and lowers the level of uric acid in the body which is the main causes of kidney stones. The use of tulsi oil helps to clear the kidneys of toxic materials and thus prevents kidney stones. Tulsi oil also contains acetic acid which helps in the dissolution of kidney stones. Thus, the use of tulsi oil helps to keep the kidneys healthy and free from infections.

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