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Mosquitoes are the nastiest creatures. Their bites irritate us and more than that is that itchy bump. It is all the more painful for you when you see these persistent itchy bumps all over your baby’s body.

We have some homemade remedies for you. These remedies are very useful and you can treat your itch with some stuffs lying in your kitchen.


Oatmeal has various health benefits but you will be surprised to know that it can treat your itchy mosquito bumps and bites. All you need is oats and water. Make a thick paste and apply on the swollen bump. Oatmeal contains an anti irritant component. Leave this paste for 10 minutes and then wash off the area.

If you see many mosquito bites on your child’s body, give him an oatmeal bath.



Inflammation can be controlled by cold temperature. Due to reduced temperature our skin becomes numb. However this is a short term relief. You also get ice packs in the market, in case if you do not have ice packs crush some ice put it in plastic polythene and apply it on the mosquito bites. Don’t keep ice on your skin for too long, especially if you are using it on your baby.


Since time known honey has been used as the most preferred home remedy. The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of honey makes it the best home remedy. Honey can relieve you from the itchy mosquito bites.



Aloe Vera

Besides its ornamental properties Aloe Vera is a worthwhile plant. It is known to treat constipation, psoriasis and much more.Aloe Vera gel has anti inflammatory properties and is known to heal some trivial wounds. The plant’s gel can heal bug bites and mosquito bites.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda can do some phenomenal jobs apart from baking cakes. It’s a great household remedy for mosquito bites. The sodium bicarbonate in Baking Soda treats itchy skin.

Mix baking soda and water to create a paste. Apply this over your infected area for 10 minutes.


As soon as you think of Basil it reminds you of mouth watering Italian cuisines. Studies have shown some amazing properties of Basil which treats mosquito bites. This fragrant herb contains eugenol which treats itchy skin.

All you require is a basil rub. You need to boil half an ounce of dried basil in water. Let the mixture cool and then apply this solution on the bumps using a wash cloth.



Lemon is a good anti inflammatory product found commonly in our kitchen. It has aesthetic properties and thus treats mosquito bites. Apply lemon juice or simply rub the wedge all over the mosquito bite. You can also add basil leaves to lemon juice and then rub it all over the red swollen bump.

Minced Garlic or Onion

The strong smell of onion and garlic prevents the entry of mosquitoes and other insects. It soothes the swollen bumps and mosquito bites.


Salt is antiseptic in nature. Make a paste of salt using some water. This paste relieves mosquito bites. If you live near a beach, go for a swim, the natural salts in the beach water will relieve your affected area.

Tea Tree oil

Rubbing tea tree oil treats mosquito bites and other bacterial infection. Tea Tree oil is good for your skin too. It is safe to use Tea Tree oil on children’s skin. Cedar and Lavender oils are also beneficial.


Apply toothpaste on the bumps it minimizes the redness and itchiness. For better results use peppermint toothpaste.

Practically to prevent mosquito bites is to get rid of these nasty creatures. In the market you will get organic mosquito repellent and bands which are safe for your kids. Remember that mosquitoes are active during evening and night hours. Mostly all the deadly mosquito borne diseases occur during summers. Be very careful when you are outdoors. Do not stop yourself from spending summers outside your home instead take precautions and use the home remedies.

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