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Moles are usually harmless and do not cause any discomfort. They are a point of concern only from an aesthetic angle. This is because a lot of people consider it unattractive.Referred to as melanocytic nevi in medical terms, moles are generally black, brown, or flesh-colored spots. They get formed due to the collection of melanocytes. These melanocytes are small cells that produce a coloring substance called melanin.In most of the people, moles appear by the age of 30. They happen in different shapes and sizes. They can be either flat or raised, with or without hair and rough or smooth.There are several reasons that result in the appearance of moles; some of them being genetics, hormonal imbalances and sun exposure.A few moles fade away with age but some grow in size and number. These moles make you look awful at times. Well, there several simple tips, which can help in getting rid of these moles. We have mentioned a few of them for you. Read on!
  1. Garlic

Garlic is quite an effective remedy for moles. This is because it consists of enzymes, which basically break down the cluster of pigment-producing cells. Moreover, garlic also helps in lightening dark pigmented skin.To use it, just crush one clove of garlic and then, place it on your mole. Now tape it using a bandage. Let it stay for the entire night and then, remove it the next morning. Follow this remedy for a few days or till the mole fall off automatically. This natural remedy will show its result in mere five days of its application.However, do remember to disinfect the area of the mole with rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant. Do it before following this remedy every day. Also, rub some petroleum jelly or oil on the skin around the mole to keep it protected. A word of caution is that garlic might cause redness and irritation on the skin.

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  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another great remedy helpful in removal of moles. Owing to its acid content, it acts on the mole and makes it fall down automatically.Just dip a cotton swab in some apple cider vinegar and then, apply it on your mole. Just like the garlic remedy, secure this cotton piece with the help of a bandage or medical tape. Let it remain applied for the entire night and then remove it the next morning. Follow this remedy daily for about 10 days or till the mole comes out automatically.Alternately, you can rub some warm water on the mole. Alternately, you can scrape the mole with the help of an emery board. Then dab some apply cider vinegar on it till it turns white. Let it sit and dry up. Follow it a couple of times in a day.Apple cider vinegar may worsen your mole initially but it improves with regular application. However, if the mole leaves a scar, dab some coconut oil on it.

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  1. Castor Oil

Castor oil too is helpful in removing moles, warts, moles and skin tags. Since it is a discutient, it dissolves and thus eliminates unusual growths on the skin. This method is very effective as it does not leave scars behind. But the method takes a lot of time because it acts on the layers of the mole one by one.To use it as a remedy, just add a pinch of baking soda in a few drops of castor oil. Mix well and then rub it gently on your mole. Let the solution stay for a few hours. Follow this remedy two times in a day for about a month. However, if baking soda is not available, you can apply castor oil alone.

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  1. Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is also a great remedy for getting rid of moles.Just mix a spoon full of finely-ground flaxseeds with some honey and flaxseed oil to get a thick paste. Now apply this concoction on the mole and allow it to dry for an hour. Repeat this remedy thrice a day.

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