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  • Green leafy vegetables- Researchers have found another good reason to eat your green vegetables, although it may or may not win any arguments with kids at the dinner table. Fruits and vegetables have a lot more to offer the immune system than just their vitamins and minerals like spinach, sweet potatoes, kiwi, carrot, berries. For the best immune system boosting results, stick to eating raw carrots every morning.


  • Garlic- People have been using garlic to ward of disease for thousands of years. Its cloves are said to help treat the common cold, keep the plague at bay, boosting immunity power and even ward off vampires. Garlic really packs a huge nutritional punch. Eating garlic can boost the number of virus-fighting T-cells in your bloodstream. Garlic is an immunity boosting superstar. Garlic is antiviral and anti fungal. Try eating a clove of garlic every day, fresh and cooked is beneficial.




  • Get vitamin D- Vitamin D has important roles in addition to its classic effects on calcium and bone homeostasis. The immune system depends on body so we should full our body with vitamin D. There is various kind of source of vitamin D in market. We should Daily stay under sun rays for vitamin D. Vitamin D is very beneficial for boosting immunity power.


  • Eat mushrooms- Mushroom is one of best source to boost your immunity power. Mushrooms are actually only the fruiting body of a more vast fungal form the mycelium. Mushrooms have the power to kill viruses, bacteria, and yeast, destroy cancer cells. You can buy whole, dried cordyceps in health food stores and add them to soups and stews, or drink tea made from powdered cordyceps. They often live on or around dead trees and help decompose plant matter. You can take mushroom in any for like pickle, and cooked.


  • Having all vitamins- Vitamins plays a protagonist role in to boost our immunity system. There is various kind of disease which can highly affect our body lack of vitamins. Now days all vitamin available in many forms like, candies, pickles, capsules, tonics and all that. You can purchase all vitamins food from online shopping sites and from local stores.



  • Herbal supplement- herbal supplement are also most important for boosting our immunity system. There are many capsules and powder full of herbal supplements which have no side effect at all. Herbal supplement product found on organic online shopping portal. It’s really beneficial to boosting immunity.




  • Dry fruits- First up on our list of foods that are great for your immune system are nuts. Dry fruits full of nutrition and vitamins, we should have daily 5-6 nut every day to boost our immunity. Nuts and seeds such as Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews or sunflower, linseeds and pumpkin seeds. These nuts selenium-rich nuts enhance your white blood cells' ability to quash viruses. These nuts contain a healthy dose of cold-fighting mineral selenium.



  • Herbal tea- Herbal tea is one of those universally appreciated beverages consumed in nearly every culture. Your immune system is responsible for warding off bacterial, fungal and viral infections that cause disease and illness. There are many health benefits attached to herbal tea, too. The strong aroma of herbal tea can help soothe a sore throat and provide relief to respiratory problems.




  • Exercise- Science has proven that regular exercise at least 30 minutes most days of the week increases immune function. So we should do exercise at least thirty minute to boost our immunity power.
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