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TulsiStress is something that has become an integral part of most of our lives. Especially with elders, with so much on their minds and with the added work pressure, stress often challenges their daily existence. It is something dangerous too if left unchecked. There are a few known ways of handling stress related issues in our lives. Various pills are available to control the stress levels but not everything is safe to be consumed. Some are even known to bring in unwanted side effects that are not desirable.

Sos Organics Himalayan Tulsi 50gmMy dad, Motilal suffers from this issue of daily stress due to his work overload and the ever rising costs of labor at his workplace. Once he comes home to relax, there are the other tensions that pester him too. He seemed to have lost his patience levels and starts to get annoyed even for the slightest of things that life throws at him. I was upset seeing this happen to my dad because there was a time when he was happier and content with life with no issues to face with. Thankfully my dad was smart enough to not resort to alcohol or smoking to relieve his stress.

 Shane Tulsi Ayurvedic Herbal Juice 500mlI wanted to take this opportunity to introduce him to something natural that might suffice the requirement of the perfect stress reliever. I approached my family doctor who was also a good friend of my dad, to suggest me a suitable remedy. He suggested me to include Tulsi into my dad’s daily diet. Tulsi plants are often called as the Holy Basil and the Queen of herbs. They have been in India for over five millennia and some families even grow them in their houses to use it for their daily needs. There is a belief that these plants will bring in a sense of joy and happiness into their houses.

 Joybynature Tulsi Honey 200gmTulsi can be found in the regular market in various forms such as capsules, essential oils, flower essences or a loose leaf or a bag of tea. The encapsulated version is often the widely used version since it is easier to be consumed by everyone and does not require any preparation beforehand.

24 Mantra Tulsi Ginger 50gmI bought these capsules and requested my dad to take it daily before he leaves to work and in the nights after his dinner.  He was kind enough to try it and within just a few days of consuming these Tulsi capsules, he was more relaxed at home. Even at work, he felt his mind be clearer and free of all tensions. He was able to concentrate more and get issues sorted out with ease. I am happy to say that my dad lives a much healthier and a happy life today. Thanks to the Tulsi capsules which made a significant improvement in his daily life.


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