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Modern lifestyle can hardly be talked about without talking about stress. Increasing pressure, at work, school, and even at home takes a toll on the body and mind. And these factors among others also contribute to the erratic lifestyle of people, working late into the night, increased intake of caffeine, junk food, tobacco, and other substances which are not exactly friendly towards the body. They hamper with the normal functioning of the body and eventually result in stress.

Reasons for Stress

No one is immune to feeling stressed for some reason or the other. These reasons may stem from both personal and professional lives of a person.

  • Workload or discontent at workplace
  • Intense atmosphere at home
  • Big Changes in Life
  • Emotional Turmoil
  • Strained Relationships with colleagues or loved ones
  • Financial Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Traumatic Experiences
  • Health Issues

Severe health problems, from heart problems to psychological problems are possible as a result of excessive stress. So stress should never be undermined, nor should discomfort from stress be ignored-it may be an initial stage for something more serious. Just stress can singlehandedly mess up the entire system of the human body, leading to any or all sorts of problems.

The frightening thing about stress is that its motto is: age no bar. Though older people are more prone to falling sick from being subjected to stressful situations, but nowadays, even the younger generation is facing rather morbid problems which have their roots in stress.

The Solution

If you find yourself reaching towards that bottle of sleeping pills because stress is keeping you up at night, stop right there; think twice before grabbing that extra cup of coffee to keep you up all throughout the next day. There are natural and better and much more long lasting alternatives to these short term ones.

  • Essential oils of certain plants and herbs often effectively act as stress relievers. They also act as sedatives and calming agents, helping get sound sleep at night.
  • Adequate sleep is the most effective remedy for stress. A good 6-8 hours of sleep leaves you refreshed and energised for the next day’s work.
  • Stress often comes from hypertension; so, to get rid of stress one must first deal with tension. It is important to remember that stress is more of a state of mind than a physical, later leading to problems of the body. In tense situations, one must try to remain as calm as possible and have an optimistic outlook at the same time. Breathing exercises may help calm down.
  • Meditation and yoga help the mind reach a calm and balanced position.
  • Rather than chemical drugs, ayurvedic, herbal, and natural medicines are often more effective since they have no side effects; in fact, the myriad medicinal properties present in a herb helps the body in more than one way, strengthening the immune system, balancing the hormones, helping in the smooth function of the body systems, boosting the memory and so on. There are several calming herbs that are available for the purpose of relieving stress.

  • A balanced diet, regular physical exercise, or at least being physically active, adequate sleep and hydration are the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. If one can maintain this routine moderately, stress will be reduced to a substantial extent automatically, because of a regular routine.
  • Including organic supplies in the diet ensures that only pure and essential nutrients, and none of the chemical substances in regular ingredients, are received by the body.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so at least a little bit of time for relaxation and recreation should be kept aside.
  • And most importantly, when stressed, refrain from being wholly dependant on chemically manufactured drugs.

There are a number of natural stress relieving agents, and easy methods that reduce stress. Stress is an inextricable part of our lives now, so perhaps it may not be possible to avoid it entirely. However, natural and organic stress relieving products help dealing with it a whole lot easier. Click here to know more.


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