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With increasingly hectic schedules and stressful lives, anxiety is becoming a very common problem in the modern world. Anxiety may vary in its form and intensity. From generalised anxiety to post traumatic stress disorder or social anxiety, there are many aspects of it that can plague the mind. But it usually starts small. A stressful day at work, an argument at home, looming deadlines; anything can trigger anxiety whether severe or minor, at any age. If you are feeling bogged down and recognise that you may be on the verge of an anxiety attack, you can try a few things yourself at home to try and calm your nerves. Simple exercises or daily habits can also be inculcated to maintain peace of mind and keep the tensions away.

Here are a few tactics you can explore to relax the mind and stay a step ahead of anxiety.

  1. Relaxing Diffuser Oil

Diffusers use vapours to release fragrances into the air and are regularly used as a part of aromatherapy. The vapours of the diffuser cleanse and clear the air while leaving behind a lingering fragrance based on the essential oils used. These cumulative actions benefit us as the respiratory system absorbs the clear and fragrant vapours. This then triggers the nervous system inducing the release of hormones, calming of the nerves and uplifting the mood. Chamomile, lavender, neroli and mandarin are excellent essential oils that can be used in diffusers to relax oneself after a long day. The instant calming effect can greatly help relieve anxiety and get a peaceful sleep. To know more about calming diffuser oils, click here.


  1. Calming Tea

There are certain brews available which contain powerful Ayurvedic herbs and spices to relax the body and mind and induce a deep and calm sleep. These brews are caffeine free and work on the central systems of the body to lull you to sleep by removing stressful thoughts and calming the agitated mind. These teas can also help treat insomnia, act as muscle relaxants and reduce restlessness in the mind and body. Find out everything you need to know here.


  1. Bath Salts

Raising body heat has been known to calm anxiety and help regulate the mood. This is why many people suggest taking a bath when feeling emotionally charged. Whether it is a soothing soak in the tub or a refreshing hot shower, it always has a calming effect. While baths are effective in themselves, adding salts to your bath water is known to have added benefits as the sulphate lowers blood pressure and removes the feeling of anxiety. The effervescence of the salts also has a rejuvenating effect. Click here to know more about bath salts and their importance.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Most often, when undergoing an anxiety attack it is noticed that the blood sugar level in the body drops. This means your body is indicating for some fuel. On the other hand, when people get hungry, they tend to become more irritable and anxious. In either case, the moment you start feeling the anxiety coming on, grab a quick snack like dark chocolate or dry fruits which have folate, proteins and carbohydrates that regulate the internal systems.

  1. Lavender Scents

Lavender is one of the most popular fragrances used to relieve the mind and body of stress. Inhaling the scent of lavender acts on the emotional centres of the brain and the nervous system to instantly halt the feelings of tension, anxiety and worry caused due to any kind of stress. Breathing in the aroma can help to greatly put the mind at ease. You can try lighting a lavender scented candle or dab a few drops of lavender essential oil on the insides of your wrist and on the collarbone. Get more details about lavender frangrances, here and here.

Don’t let anxiety rule your mind. Take the necessary action and stop it right in its tracks.


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