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One thing that can easily be associated with modern lifestyles is stress. No matter where you look you will find that 9 out of 10 people suffer from high levels of stress. The main reason behind is the extremely competitive environment in the professional fields. Then again there is no outlet for stress because the family unit is breaking down into nuclear families and the individual is deprived of the emotional and mental support of family. Lot of youngsters leave their homes in small towns and make way for larger cities looking for better conditions of employment. This causes loneliness which is also the cause of stress in the long run.

Needless to say, high levels of stress can lead to several ailments like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and many others. Not only this stress also affects the professional performance of an individual. This is the reason that some form of stress buster is required for dealing with this situation. Of course the really natural treatment of stress is to adopt a healthier lifestyle and also include stress busting techniques like meditation and yoga in your daily regime.

Sometimes this may not be possible due to which you may have to turn to stress relieving medication. However, allopathic medications for stress are not very effective and at the same time, they have very harmful side effects. This is the reason that most people are turning towards alternative medicines like homeopathy and Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines are easily available in online stores specialising in selling herbal and natural products for overall health and well-being. Let us look at some ayurvedic medicines that are effective in dealing with stress.


This plant has been used for centuries in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. It functions as a sedative, diuretic, rejuvenating tonic, anti-inflammatory agent, aphrodisiac, and an immune booster. Ashwagandha is rich in flavonoids which are natural antioxidants which protect the body from the effect of free radicals. This in turn encourages healthy aging and overall wellness. The extract of the root of Ashwagandha promotes a sense of calm, relaxation and positive mood which alleviates stress. At the same time it boosts the immune systems causing energy levels to increase and also promotes sexual health.

Acai berry

This is a fruit of a kind of palm tree native to the Brazilian rain forest region. It has been used by the natives of this region for thousands of years to promote overall health, energy and vitality. Consumption of acai berry in any form is linked with enhanced plasma antioxidant activity. This fruit is very active against superoxide and is also the food most active against the peroxyl radical. Apart from reducing the effect of free radicals and promoting healthy aging, this fruit also reduces the stress levels.

Ensure that you consume these products only under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. At the same time, make sure to buy these products from reliable websites that sell only natural and organic herbal medicines. In order to visit one such website you can click here.


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