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I had been to a couple of specialists to find a solution for my sinus problem that had been bothering me for over 2 years. I couldn’t believe that after all the antibiotics that I took for the past 2 years did not help me at all. In fact, my long-term chronic sinusitis has failed to respond to a variety of antibiotics and steroids that only attacked my body with several side effects like anxiety and nervousness. I started to research several medical articles on the internet and found the miraculous healing power of wheatgrass in clearing sinus infections.

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Wheatgrass contains extraordinary levels of Chlorophyll and other important nutrients to benefit the entire body. Wheatgrass juice boosts the immune function and helps the body to combat sinus infections in an effective and efficient manner. In fact, Wheatgrass juice is the best juice to clear nasal congestion. It also acts as an effective detoxifying agent that cleanses the blood, liver, and gastrointestinal tract.

It is loaded with vital vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals to enrich various organs of the body, from head to toe. Apart from drinking Wheatgrass juice, you can also snort the juice through your nose. This helps in clearing the sinuses by breaking up the mucus and pulling toxins.

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I started to drink organic wheatgrass juice for a month on an empty stomach. My body responded well as the wheatgrass removed all the toxins that were dumped into my system as a result of prolonged consumption of antibiotics. My sinus infections reduced a lot and now I am perfectly alright as my body is able to fight against the germs causing sinus infections.

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Recommended dosage of Wheatgrass juice:

Consuming more than what you need will make you nauseous and sick. So prior to drinking Wheatgrass juice on a regular basis, get your serving sizes ready.

  • You can start with just 1 ounce per day and then increase it to 2 ounces per day.
  • You must always have it on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid taking after meals as it will make you nauseous.
  • If you cannot source fresh wheatgrass, always buy organic wheatgrass powder that is pure and safe.


About the author:

Deepthi Bhaskar is a software engineer residing in Mumbai. She loves shopping at Joy By Nature. She also personally encourages others to go organic. The above blog is her experience of beating her prolonged sinus pains with an easy and effective solution.