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Our newborn baby girl who is sensitive to loud and sudden sounds began to grow fussy. The agony of colic came upon us unexpectedly and it was a serious issue that we had to deal with immediately.

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Within a month, she became more disturbed with pain throughout day and night. So we decided to research online for some quick, natural home remedies since we knew that we cannot continue with our midnight trips to the doctor to get rid of her colic pain. That’s when we came across the goodness of Raisins in easing colic pains and relieving constipation in babies.

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Feeding babies is something that cannot be dealt with easily. Babies are new to food items and will not be able to eat anything that is being offered to them. So choosing the right kind of food to suffice the situation is a challenge within itself. But the quick solution of a handful of Raisins every day helped drive my baby's colic pain forever.

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I tried a remedy by including a teaspoon of organic Raisin puree. This worked wonderful and helped to not only reduce the frequency but also prevented the occurrence of colic pain. She had easy bowel movements and she is now a happy and a healthier baby, without the requirement for any kind of special attention.

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Some tips for you to choose and use Raisins:

  • Always buy organic Raisins from organic online stores where you can choose from a wide variety.
  • Select the bigger ones and not those used for garnishing sweets.
  • Take 10 nos. of raisins and boil it for 5 minutes in a cup of water and let it cool. Mash it along with the liquid and strain the clear liquid.
  • Give a teaspoon of this puree to your baby after every feeding time.
  • You can increase the dosage depending upon the age of your child.


About the author:

Shreya Goswami is a freelance web designer residing in Bangalore with her husband and 1-year-old baby Aadhiti. She loves shopping at Joy By Nature and never forgets to review on her favorite products. The above article is her experience in driving away her baby’s colic pain with a simple and tasty remedy.