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A friend of mine was frank about her uncontrollable appetite which started to take over her life. We all know that she is on a strict weight loss regimen. But we were not certain about what she ate and how much she had to consume in order to keep her active and energetic all day. We used to make fun of her as she ate only two rotis and dal for dinner. As a result, she couldn’t sleep properly, her hunger pangs kept her awake and with no other option, she finally ends up sneaking into the refrigerator to nibble on whatever is left. This stopped her from losing weight and instead she started to add more pounds to her body.

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We assured to help her in this weight loss journey and browsed a couple of articles online and found out that Ragi is a good alternative to rice and any other type of grain. Ragi is a unique grain that doesn’t require polishing. It is rich in Tryptophan that curbs the appetite. It also has higher fiber content than other grains, including rice. It is low in calories and so it is an ideal food to lose weight.

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We suggested our friend to replace her plain rotis with two medium ragi rotis and eat it along with salads, subzis and dal for dinner every day. The first day of her ragi dinner, she slept all through the night without the need to wake up for some food. Following this for a whole month helped her get a control of her appetite and she lost up to 2kgs in a short period. 

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Tips to cook ragi:

Ragi has a diverse nature and can be prepared in a number of ways according to your choice.

  • A tasty breakfast porridge can be prepared by adding 1 tablespoon of ragi flour to boiling water or milk and mix a few drops of organic honey.
  • You can also make a soup along with other veggies of your choice.
  • For dinner, try Ragi upma or ragi balls instead of the regular rotis.
  • Avoid buying from supermarkets and prefer organic ragi flour from certified organic stores.

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About the author:

Isha Narein is an HR manager living in Mumbai. She is a serious organic lifestyle enthusiast who trusts Joy By Nature for her organic supplies. In the above blog, she explains how she guided her friend to lose weight in a healthy way.