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My life was a big challenge until the day I decided to face my tough tomorrows with an iron fist. I tried to research on the internet to know if I can do something that could favor my body. I found a simple remedy ever since online organic grocery shopping came into existence. I found organic Quinoa and the incredible benefits it can do for my well-being.

Joybynature Organic Quinoa 500gm

Quinoa is that one of a kind plant food that has a lot of protein content and all the essential amino acids while being gluten-free, naturally. It has higher amounts of antioxidants than its counterparts. It promotes good digestion and prevents digestive issues. One cup of cooked Quinoa contains adequate amounts of protein, fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids. Quinoa improves metabolic health, reduces blood sugar, insulin and triglyceride levels.

Ecolife Organic Sesame Oil 200ml

I started my busy mornings with a cup of whole organic Quinoa salad mixed with my favorite vegetables, a handful of pomegranate seeds, almonds and a tad bit of lemon juice and organic sesame oil drizzled on top for that extra nutty kick, a perfect start by itself. I felt the difference in just a month and my tired mid-morning break has now been transformed into a pleasant time for a quick chit-chat with my teammates and I went back to my desk with more vibe that lasted till evening.

Tips to help you choose and eat Quinoa the right way:

  • You can buy the traditional white Quinoa as it can be prepared into any dish that combines a lot of different flavors and textures. It is almost rice-like and can be used as a healthy alternative to your regular rice.
  • Make sure that the pack reads ‘pre-washed’ as Quinoa contains a bitter layer on top which will be removed by the pre-wash.
  • Always go for the organic varieties, as it is safe and a healthier choice.
  • You can make any dish with Quinoa. Combine it with your favorite chowder or hot and spicy chili. Your weight loss regimen is a lot easier when you have Quinoa in the place of rice.

NJoy Fitness Combo

Quinoa as my daily breakfast helped me to boost my metabolism levels to keep me energetic all day long.


About the author:                                                           

Priya Madhavan works for an IT firm in Chennai. She is a frequent Joy By Nature customer who says her grocery shopping is way much easier now. She loves organic food and wants to motivate others into a healthy lifestyle like hers. The above article is her personal experience of overcoming stress and fatigue.