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Grain Atta Bread

Born in a traditional South Indian family, I was brought up with healthy eating habits. There sure was a constant change in my food habits, but one thing managed to cling on to me and that was my extra serving attitude. An extra slice of pizza, an extra burger, and an extra everything. It just kept adding to my pounds.

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I chose to seek rescue on the web with a firm decision to find that perfect food which will put an end to my uncontrollable hunger pangs. I read several articles and learned about the goodness of whole grains. Whole wheat atta came as an easy option for me since it was readily available in most stores.

Nature 'N' Me Wheat Atta 1Kg

One whole wheat atta roti or bread has nearly 6 grams of fiber which is definitely a filling quantity of food. I started having 2 fiber rich rotis, instead of 2 bowls of rice that were mere carbohydrates. Since fiber cannot be digested, it gave me a fuller feeling for a longer time and this helped curb my hunger. I bought pure organic whole wheat atta from one of those organic online stores. I started to have only whole wheat atta rotis with vegetables and egg whites for lunch and an early dinner. Within a week, I noticed my appetite changes. I was able to stay away from food for a longer time. After a month it helped me reduce my overall weight in a healthy way.

Urban Tree Organic Wheat Maida 500gmI fought my overeating problems after including Organic Whole Grain Atta breads in my meals.

Some important facts to keep you updated:

  • Since whole wheat atta has the bran and the germ, breads made with this atta are less dense and are not fluffy. So they are not quite as light and airy like other breads.
  • Always buy organic whole wheat flour that is pure, safe and free from chemical additives and preservatives.

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About the author:

Swathi Ramakrishnan is a journalist residing in Chennai. She is also a customer of Joy By Nature. In the above blog, she tells her experience of battling with losing weight and how she found an easy solution that kept her from having more food.