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My weight has been fluctuating over the past few years but mostly inclined up and not down. I referred several websites that talked about miracle weight loss crash diet and military diet. The more I got into these kinds of diet plans, the more I was saddened. I have always been an active person who enjoyed healthy eating. I have been so committed to my aim that I used to read the nutrition information every time I purchase something to ensure that it was low fat.

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I think I ate lots of low fat everything that was so inadequate to meet my daily protein requirements that is essential for various bodily functions. I understood that the first thing to do was to break my commitment with food with low fat content. I began searching for something that gave me sufficient amounts of protein to keep me equipped and initiate visible weight loss in a natural, healthy way. Hours of researching on the internet rewarded me with an awesome ingredient called Daliya.

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Organic Daliya is high in protein and low in fat and calories. It is also a good source of the daily requirement of fiber that is essential for good digestion.  I was able to meet the daily protein intake during weight loss after including Daliya for breakfast. The sweet version is my favorite and can be whipped up in a jiffy. It is just a cup of cooked Daliya with milk and organic honey sprinkled with almonds toasted in organic ghee.

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Some important information to keep you informed:

  • If you are on weight loss, make sure to buy organic Daliya which is free from any chemicals and additives.
  • You can buy it from organic online stores where you can choose from a variety of brands that are reliable.

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About the author:

Nidhi is a food blogger living in Mumbai. She has been a Joy Buy Nature customer for 3 years now. In the above blog she shares her experience about how she managed to have a balanced diet during her weight loss regimen.