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Corn Flakes

Through the years as a teenager, I was used to having large quantities of my favorite food to keep me distracted from uncomfortable situations. This resulted in more bulk being added on to me. I started to weigh more than I should be. My obesity issues went out of hand and had an adverse impact on my health. My doctor ordered me to reduce up to 7Kgs which was the only means to combat obesity and move on towards a better tomorrow. This came as a huge challenge to me as a working woman striving to shed some kilos.

24 Mantra Corn Flakes 300gm

I needed to find an alternative as a way for healthy bites between meals rather than munching on something that would put me into a diabetic coma. After a couple of hours on the internet, I discovered that corn flakes can be a great healthy snack.

Earthon Corn Flakes 200gm

Corn flakes are a good source of folate which promotes the formation of new cells and are also rich in proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and Thiamine which is good for energy production and cognitive functions. They have zero cholesterol and low saturated fat that gives you a long time satisfaction.

RiteBite Sports Bars (Pack Of 3)I started to have corn flakes for a snack which can be mixed up in minutes as it is readily available in several organic online stores. In a couple of months I found that I was able to reduce my overall weight much sooner than I thought.

Earthon Corn Flakes (Pack Of 3)

Ways to prep your corn flakes snack:

  • Use only organic corn flakes that are free from added sugars and trans fats.
  • For a quick fix on-the-go savory snack, take a cup of corn flakes and mix in a handful of toasted almond flakes, chili powder, salt and dried herbs for extra flavor.
  • You can pack it in paper cups and relish it anytime of the day.


About the author:

Kavitha Reddy works for a call center in Vizag. She says shopping online at Joy by Nature has made her life a lot easier. In the above blog, she shares her story of how she was able to quit her cravings for unhealthy snacks by choosing a healthier alternative.