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With research increasingly showing links between chemicals in the products we use, and adverse effects on our bodies, everyone is looking for options with lower or no artificial constituents. To supplement this, there is a whole array of products in the market these days proclaiming their purity, with a whole range of terms that most of us think all mean pretty much the same. But that’s not really the case. For example, ‘organic’, ‘ayurvedic’ and ‘natural’, while all beneficial, are made up of different elements. Before using any of these products, it’s important to understand the differences, so we can make an informed choice about what we’re treating our body to. 


A product that comes with the ‘natural’ tag is basically implying to the consumer that it has been made from naturally-existing elements like plants and minerals, and not artificial ones. However, it does not signify that no chemical substances like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers were used to enhance the growth of these natural ingredients.

Natural Products are usually free of artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives and other additives, thereby drastically reducing chances of any allergic reaction your body might have on using the product.

An important point to be noted is that you should be very careful while purchasing natural products – even products with only as little as 1% natural ingredients in them can make the claim of being a natural product. Hence, always choose options that are 100% natural.

Studies show that using natural products leads to improved overall health: Your body benefits from the reduced interaction with artificial substances, and the higher level of nutrition and natural goodness present in the products.


Organic Products are basically natural products with an added advantage: they come with the assurance of the natural ingredients having been grown in an ‘organic’ way, which basically means that they were produced and handled without the use of any artificial pesticides or fertilizers, or any other chemical substances, and that no genetic engineering or radiation was undertaken on them. Additionally in the case of animal products, it means that the animals were not given any growth enhancers or antibiotics, and were given organic feed.

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Organic Products are even more beneficial than natural products since the former come with the promise that a certain benchmark has been adhered to at every stage.

Also, with the advent of genetically modified food options, organic is the way to go. 


Ayurvedic Products are those made according to the principles of the traditional science of Ayurveda which means ‘Life-knowledge’. This ancient Hindu system of medicine, spoken of highly in the Atharva Veda, the last of the 4 Vedas, incorporates the use of herbs and heavy metals like gold, silver, copper, sulphur, mercury, tin, etc.

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Ayurveda works on creating a balance between the mind, body and spirit, and Ayurvedic Products are made on similar lines: they work on cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating all three elements of the human system to create a sense of harmony, thereby leading to an improved sense of wellness. The effect of Ayurvedic products can be enhanced by combining them with a healthy wholesome diet and yoga, as per the directions in the Atharva Veda.

What distinguishes ayurvedic products from their natural and organic counterparts is the inclusion of metals in their ingredients list. The benefits of these elements are effectively harnessed to produce products that focus not just on curative aspects, but also on the preventive elements of disorders. And the best part – this is all practiced as per the age-old scriptures, thus combining new findings with old wisdom handed down through many generations. 

So, now that you know the difference between these three types of products, you can choose what works best for you. Based on this information, it will be possible for you to make better, more informed decisions about what you choose to eat and drink. The human body is quite a miracle-in-motion, and it’s always good to check what you’re treating yours to!


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