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Choosing the best food for your baby can be a little confusing if you do not know what your baby needs. After birth infants consume only breast milk. Since they start eating solid food from about 6 months of age what do you need to know while picking the food?. You need to choose food with a high value of iron. Best foods online shopping is possible due to the huge amount of options open t you nowadays.  

Iron enriched rice cereal rice can be an ideal first food since rice is the least allergenic of all cereals. Also iron enriched rice helps in designing the texture for first foods. It doesn’t contain any kind of added sugar, salt or preservatives. It also doesn’t contain any kind of artificial additives. Many think that adult cereals can be used for feeding babies but that is wrong. Adult cereals tend to contain less iron and babies need a high value of iron in their system to help their immune system and digestive tract grow and function properly.


Iron enriched cereals are also useful in terms of iron intake for the first two and a half years. Infant cereals can be found easily in the market and you can pick one which you think will work best. As the baby grows you can incorporate many other flavours to the cereals.

Sour fruits can be a good option for your baby’s first years. Serve your baby a puree of cherries after you remove the pits. Or if your baby is used to chewing then you can go for small chunks of cherries or plums. They are really good for health and can be easily obtained.

Stewed meat

Meat can be a healthy provider of iron and calcium. Make sure to boil the meat properly and go about making the stew. You can also incorporate various veggies into it. Try to use young meat so that the meat is tender and properly boil the meat so that the baby can chew it without any difficulties. Put in veggies like tomatoes and carrots so that you can add even more nutritional value to the stew.

Cruciferous veggies

Veggies are a primary baby food which you need to add to your baby’s diet. Green beans and sweet potatoes can be considered as ideal baby food. There are several cruciferous veggies which you shouldn’t feed your baby though. When you are feeding your baby any such items make sure that the veggies are organic and cook them properly. Do not use oil and make sure that the items are properly boiled.


Fish is another healthy choice for a baby food. It contains a lot of vitamins and proteins which can improve your baby’s growth. However not every fish is ideal for consumption when it comes to babies. It is fine if you feed fish to babies who are above 6 months or age. Take precaution and see how your baby reacts to the fish you are feeding him. If any complications take place then stop immediately as not all babies tend to like every kind of fish.


Needleless to say it is one of the best baby foods you can add to your baby’s diet. When you are feeding your baby any kind of cereal like rice, you can add the rice to a small quantity of milk and see how it goes. Try to buy organic food only. Many online sites offer you various fully organic cereals and other baby food items so go for those. You can also implement different food items as the baby grows older. Remember to change the items from time to time as that will enable your baby’s taste buds to get used to various new tastes.



The number of good foods for babies is huge you just have to go through them and see which one you should opt for.  You can buy whole foods online for cheap prices and make sure they are certified as organic. Make sure that your baby is getting the best nutrition possible today without any harmful chemicals or pesticides for this reason chosing organic baby food products is essential.



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