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When America’s most celebrated singer Sheryl Crow discovered she is suffering from breast cancer, her world turned upside down. It was in year 2006 that her world came crashing. It was during her routine mammogram that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The singer decided to begin with her treatment that required minimally invasive surgery followed by six weeks of radiation.

Sheryl said: My perspective on everything changed. You grow up with this story of what your life will look like - you get married and have kids.

I held on to that for a long time but once I got diagnosed, someone told me I was limiting the parameters of my life by putting that pressure on myself.

When she discovered the news of her breast cancer, Sheryl Crow immediately started making healthy food choices. Sheryl began by including and endorsing superfoods that according to many experts have the power to stave off cancer and other life threatening health conditions.


She believes in including organic food products and natural foods like, Walnuts, Prunes, Pomegranate Juice and Soybeans. These not only help keep the energy level up but also aid in fighting against cancer.

Ever since sudden discovery, she began campaigning and spreading awareness for regular mammograms. Her belief in taking care of the body and taking right steps to maintain health is all about being self aware.  

Her routine underwent drastic changes and she decided to take things in her own hands. She is now actively talking about cancer prevention and helping understand how they can stay breast cancer free.

Crow’s Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

In May 2010 when she was invited on Dr. Oz show, she openly discussed upon cancer prevention.

The show focused on top superfoods that were used by Sheryl while she was going through the treatment of breast cancer.

One of the key things I wanted to point out on Dr. Oz was the link between estrogen and breast cancer, and how estrogen (and certain foods) can fuel breast disease.

Through the show, she explained how choosing certain food variety could suppress estrogen and help live a life free of breast cancer.

Everyone talks about the benefits of green tea, however little does anyone know that sipping three cups a day can help prevent breast cancer by 50%. It is due to the high EGCG antioxidant content. Additionally, a dash of lemon juice in your cup can give you much required antioxidant properties that makes it a potent drink for maintaining good health.

Using garlic, Olive Oil, Flaxseed oil too helps in suppressing breast cancer. According to various studies, adding condiments line Turmeric 1tsp daily in your cooking will help reduce tumor growth. Another way to get your Turmeric dosage is adding it to your salad dressing.

Soybeans contain genistein that protects against hormone-dependent cancers.

Adding these to your daily diet goes a long way into healthy living and prevention against breast cancer.







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