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‘Bryant Harrison McGill”, is well renowned personality in United States of America, he is known as a writer, activist & speaker. As he talks about immune system in his own unique quotes, Optimal functioning of the immune system, it turns out, is dependent upon feeling good”.

Immune system is a tool in human body that works for preventing diseases by means of ‘invading pathogen’. Most frequently, we are surrounded with lots of unhealthy and polluted things that cause us to have some kind of internal problem or to get sick. “Humoral immunity” said to be in regards of immunity which is mediated through macromolecules, as obstructed to the cell mediated immunity which is found in extracellular fluids. For maintaining and boosting immunity system in body, there are some best organic remedies that we should consume to resist disease as well as to live a healthy life.


Home and organic remedies boosting immune system-

Garlic- For boosting immune system and protecting yourself from diseases garlic is best organic item that you should consume; garlic contains ‘allicin’, vitamin C and B6 with addition of Manganese that is helpful boosting your immunity. Garlic can be taken twice in a day but with empty stomach, or add it in your meal. The proper consumption of garlic gives a better and stronger immunity system.


Green tea- This organic nectar which is beloved to all and being consumed everywhere, Green tea may too help boosting immunity. In researches, it was said that leaves of green tea contains regulatory T cells that is a big key role in immunity system. Apart from this, the massive storage of “antioxidant” defenses us from radical damages. Consuming green tea three times in a day will be much helpful to boost immunity.



Ginger- One of the good and simple organic remedy in home is ginger that helps boosting immunity by its warming effect in body which breaks down collected toxins in body. Ginger’s taste is a bitter but it cuts cough, it works to run the blood circulation as well. We can have ginger with tea or can mix them while making food to boost our immunity.


Lemon juice- All of us know that lemons are rich in vitamin C therefore it is called a big detoxifier in body that flushes out unhealthy elements as well as glows the skin. A big ball of lemon or its organic juice removes toxin from body and boost immunity system. Lemons can be consumed daily whether in food or with a glass of water for better outcome pertaining immunity.   


Herbal supplement- In search of boosting immunity system, there are a number of herbal supplements available in market, one of them is “omega-3 fatty acid”. The consumption of omega-3 approximately 3500 mg in a regular way will stop occurring heart disease and also increases the white cell’s activity. There are much more categories of herbal supplements that play an important role in our life.  So keep having it to boost immune system.


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