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Keeping ants at bay isn't a big deal. One can take care of that with some care. Here are some tips and hacks that will make your life simpler.

  • Using Barox

Barox is the most common ingredient found in house that can prove to be helpful in keeping the ants at bay. Place a 50/50 solution of borax and mix it with some sugar and put it in a cup. All the ants will be attracted to the sweet thing inside the cup and the borax will kill them.

  • Using Baby Powder

You can use baby powder to sprinkle it at the point where the ants usually enter into your house. They'll lose the scent that ways and their way of direction and will die eventually. This tricks works wonders most of the time.

  • Cucumber slices

Using cucumber slices to place near the cracks will help ants keeping away from your house as ants hate cucumbers and their smell.

  • Draw chalk lines

Chalk lines can be drawn across your home, inside kitchen, across your doorways, etc.

  • Home-made solution

Making a homemade solution of vinegar, tea tree oil and some water will keep the ants away. Spread it like you had to spread chalk. Just like baby powder, it will too make ants lose their sense of smell and lose their direction.

  • Kill off the trail

Killing off the trail seems the best option when all the above methods don't work. Whenever you see an ant trail, don't let them go. Kill them off right there! You can use that solution to kill them. Wipe the remains using a cleaner or bleach solution.

  • Mixture of rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water

Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water. Put it in a bottle of spray. Mix it all together until the bubbles are formed. Now whenever you see an ant, or a trail. Spray it right there to finish them off. You can also use:

  • Using a deep reach fumigator

Deep reach fumigators are believed to keep ants at bay for months. You can find many products online or at your nearest local store. Spray the fumigator, stay out and you are good to go!

  • Keep your home clean

Regular cleaning of your home will keep the ants away. Keep your food in an airtight container. Don't keep the food in open, always cover it with lid. Keep your kitchen clean, your utensils cleaner. Also, don't let the leftover food remain in the sink. Keep it clean as well.

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