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Ways to revamp your home:

  • Update lampshades with new ones in more contemporary shapes or simply fresh white shades.
  • Paint is the classic makeover potion. Instead of repainting a whole room, just paint one wall in a focal color or paint a contrasting rectangle over a sofa to use as a “gallery” space. You can also paint the insides of bookshelves in an unexpected color or paint your ceiling a lighter version of the wall color.Painter any other space in your home.
  • Update your window dressings. IKEA and other stores have reams of ready-made draperies you can hem to the right size (or leave to puddle on the floor).
  • Pull a room together by choosing two contrast colors – black and white, say, or white and one bright color – and use them as a repeating theme throughout, such as a row of yellow and white pillows on a sofa, or robin’s egg blue walls and all-white furnishings.
  • A simple but effective tip: Edit your accessories. Too much of a good thing is too much. Try taking all your home decor accessories and putting them in a box, then putting them back one by one where they’ll have the most impact.

  • Take down all your paintings and other art and move them around to different walls or different rooms. It’ll be like seeing them for the first time.
  • A classic display scheme ever since Victorian times: Create a gallery wall of family photos and other small pictures in matching (or contrasting) frames, arranged in a collage on a large wall such as a stairwell or hallway. The art of arrangement is always stylish. 
  • Inexpensive frame moldings from the box store can transform a plain wall or hallway into an instant paneled look. Paint the moldings in a contrasting shade or white.
  • Replace overhead lighting with thrift-store chandeliers.

  • Wall Art: If that pale, pastel colored wall is not singing like it used to, it may be time to invest in some wall art. These clever little things will spruce up any wall in the house, without costing the same as paint. They’re also really easy to put up! The great thing is, there are so many different designs to choose from. Whether you want an inspirational quote or something a bit more urban and funky. Have a look through the range of options and work out which wall decal is right for your home. Before you know it, you’ll have one in every room.
  • Display books and vintage items in possession on the partitioned shelves this will give the person more space for other items and can be the best way to show off the person collections to friends.
  • Small details make all the difference: Beautiful coasters, interesting desk frames, a small but exquisite crystal vase filled with fresh flowers.

  • Purchase an inexpensive but attractive frame, or rescue an old one from an antique store or your parents’ attic. Paint flat white and attach small rings to the upper corners. Place hooks on the wall to correspond and hang. Hang a couple of vintage plates or smaller framed pictures artfully inside, or leave the framed space as-is, for an artful and simple focal point. 
  • Maximize light in a darker room by hanging a framed mirror directly opposite the window.

Many people find eventually that their homes do not provide the coziness they had hoped for while buying them. The real estate agent who had sold the house to them obviously made, it appear cozy with a variety of stuffs. In such a case the person needs to revamp their house to bring in that warmth. Often extravagant renovation is not required. Adding small things like a vase, painting, rug and many more will help to enhance the overall appeal provided by the room. The above simple techniques help to make the home appear cozier. So, revamp your home to make it more attractive.


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