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The rings as told by the wind

What jewellery is to man, the wind chime is to a house or a building. The basic structure of wind chimes is basically suspended tubes or sometimes bells and threads attached to a wooden circular piece at the head of the chime. Tubes and bells also usually made of metal or wood.

The beliefs of voice of the wind

Wind chimes in ancient times signified different things in different places.

  1. In the Roman times, wind chimes were believed to be the good power which would resist evil.
  1. Feng Shui suggests to hang a wind chime in the house as it is thought to bring good luck.
  1. In Chinese era, under pagodas the wind chimes were attached to demagnetize the evil spirts and attract the good ones.
  1. Wind chimes amplify the positive energy in the house according to many astrological beliefs.
  1. Wind chimes are the weather forecasters! The olden people used to analyse the sound and its intensity to conclude whether a storm was lurking or not.


The cloth worn by the wind

Since wind chimes is all about producing sweet music, any substance can be employed and modified slightly in making a wind chime.

  1. Bells are basically precious metals, bamboo, wood or even nuts and bolts. Hollow metal or wood produces the sweetest sounds.
  1. The string which hangs the chimes must be strong enough to bear the weight as well as the wind. So usually it is made of nylon which is very tensile.
  1. Before the wood becomes those ringers, it is sawed, then cut into shapes and sanded. After this it is treated with oil which armours them against the wind.
  1. The manufacturing of the wind chimes are kind of high-tech. After the raw material is chosen and shaped into tubes, a computer tuning is done. This basically means that the computer knows the sounds that given piece will make when struck against different intensities. Based on this trimming or reshaping can be done.


Know what they are called!

Contemporary chimes are mostly made of aluminium which are basically powder coated. Some of these chimes are called, Corinthian bells and Gentle Spirits.

Traditional chimes are made of wood mostly. Arias and Majesty bells are some examples. Even the support and the clappers are made of wood.

Semi-contemporary chimes have a striker made of wood and a top crown entirely of aluminium. Shenandoahmelodies are an example. A typical wind chime has four to eight tubes.


So many colourful chimes! But which colour?

If it;s a garden then you must go for a green chime.

Black chimes must be used against a contrasting background like silver or white.

Midnight blue and Spectrum are some colours which have the most regal look.



When you buy wind chimes for indoor purposes always go for sizes between 29 inches and 36 inches. Top big can be too noisy and too small can be insignificant.


Give the wind your own voice!

  1. If your house is filled with collections of seashells, wash them and hang them by a thread. Feel the sea when they strike each other.
  1. Next, cluttered with many pencils? Sharp them neatly and hang them with the ruler as a base. Now enjoy them constantly clapping.
  1. For crispier sound, take some driftwood, plugs holes and insert some beads. These beads shall add to the music when they hit.
  1. Even in the kitchen there is an orchestra! Pick up a spoon, a whisker, some forks and slicers. It’s time for them to dance now!
  1. Those bottle caps too. Collect them and mix with some tin caps to produce a band hanging in air.
  1. Use your old keys to open into new musical notes by the key wind chime.
  2. Complement your wind chimes with elegant scented candles to enhance the beauty of your home.

Wind chimes are fortunes which speak and live sweetly. Fill your life with these musical pieces to build harmony something which is missing in modern times. But make sure not to irritate that short tempered neighbour!


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