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Let’s look at 'em!

  1. Fleas: Fleas are annoying pests which can exist in any condition. Moreover, they multiply insanely. It is because of them, your car or dog itches and scratches. Hair loss and anaemia are other advanced deployment.
  1. Ticks: The golden rays colouring the beautiful colourful garden, just the ideal place for an afternoon nap for the dog. But wait! There are some other creatures that are relishing the weather and waiting for their afternoon meal. Careful, as the ticks can cause Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  1. Mosquitoes: These tiny blood suckers live everywhere isn't it? Apart from their signature itch, they can be really serious with infections like the roundworm. SLE disease affects the brain. So keep then away first!
  1. Botfly: It might not be a very commonly heard name. But your pets know them very well! It waits in the grass and when it strikes, diseases like warbles and defects like blindness become common.

Owning a pet demands a lot of effort. But is it is well done, the satisfaction is unmatchable. Before going on to attack the pests directly, follow these defensive strategies to make them sweat!

  1. Cover up all holes and openings in the house. They accommodate mice and rats no matter the size. Check for every nook and corner especially if your residence is old.
  1. Sharpen your hands for attacking! Well not literally! Own a flea comb and a mosquito bat asap, and chase them and whack till you see their blood! Brush the hairs of your dog or cat at least twice a week.
  1. Do your favourite gardening while killing those pests! The oil is mint is the 'tastiest' poison for fleas, bugs and mosquitoes. But remember they are so predative that when they are kept with others in the garden, you will soon be an owner of a mint plantation. Coming from the same family is rosemary. Plant them to live free of mosquitoes . Chamomile plant increases the beauty of garden with its look and at the same time induces a sweet apple smell. All this and it is the most ferocious killer when planted in the garden.


Give your four-legged friends the power of nature with these natural remedies for pests:

  1. For creating a flea collar, first add some 4 drops of lavender or cedar oil to 2 drops of water. Use a dropper to apply on the collar and wear them on your dog fancily. Apple Cider Vinegar or Distilled vinegar when added to water makes a very good flea deterring drink.
  1. To keep your garden free from pests, mix 1 teaspoon of hot pepper with 1 garlic bulb along with some castile oil. Spray them on the plants. They become less yummy now!
  1. Bathing your pet with peppermint essential oil can remove fleas and ticks off the skin. Also it induces a very pleasant fragrance.

  1. Using Sweet Almond oil as base oil and adding lemon eucalyptus oil can create an effective repellent forstand-flies and ticks.

  1. Black walnut is known to remove ticks and fleas and at the same time give relief against tape worms and round worms.
  1. Rosemary leaves added to a litre of boiling water creates an infusion. Apply this on the dog's skin for about half an hour. It becomes free from almost all pests.
  1. Rub a tiny pinch of coconut oil on the dog's fur to resist against mites and fleas. Coconut pil is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent found in nature.

Always aim to be the best ever owner any pet will have. Their God is the owners themselves. Make their life colourful and free from pests to live a peaceful and blessed human life.


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