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Essential oils are plant extracts that are taken from roots, leaves and bark of plants. They are believed to carry the essence of plants inside them. They are volatile and concentrated. Most of them, if used on skin directly, will develop itchiness or inflammation of some kind. Because of their beneficial properties, they are used very commonly with carrier oils. These oils are vegetable products used to carry the essential oil deep into your skin. The wise combination of carrier oils and essential oils give the most advantageous results when used for massage.

Here are a few carrier oil and essential oil combinations recommended for your next massage session.

Tea Tree Essential Oil and Jojoba Carrier Oil

Valued for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral characteristics, tea tree oil is considered the supreme essential oil. It is mostly used for skin conditions. Some of these may be dandruff, athlete’s foot, acne, cuts and burns. It also helps against insect bites and warts.

Jojoba oil is unscented oil that helps the skin. It is an excellent moisturiser and works wonders with hair pores on your body.

Mix Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba oil in 3:1 ratio and massage your entire body to feel the freshness of life and cleanse your body of bacteria.

Rosemary Essential Oil and Olive Carrier Oil

Rosemary is a source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It improves digestion process while enhancing the memory and concentration power.

Olive oil on the other hand, on regular use, ensures cardiac health, gives strength to bones thereby decreasing the chances of arthritis, diminishes your chances of having cancer by improving insulin sensitivity and keeps obesity in check.

The combination of the two for massage is the best thing for your skin conditions as well as internal organs.

Sweet Almond Essential Oil and Grapeseed Carrier Oil

Sweet Almond oil is very beneficial for the skin. It treats rashes and makes skin soft. The nature of Almond is to cleanse your skin thoroughly and it also relieves muscle fatigue.

The ancient wisdom of using seeds is rejuvenated and Grapeseed carrier oil is basically used to control the moisture content of your body. It leaves a glossy film over your skin that will make you feel agreeably smooth for the rest of your day.

Dilute 20 drops of essential oil in 60ml of carrier oil and massage for a perfect effect.

Lavender Essential Oil and Primrose Carrier Oil

Lavender essential oil helps in hormonal balance. Apart from being effective on dry skin, it is soul-uplifting and relieves depression.

Primrose carrier oil smoothes out your rough skin, and hydrates it in order to eliminate dryness. It can improve firmness of your skin and helps you generate new skin cells faster. This increases the elasticity of your skin during dry seasons.

Add 5% essential oil to carrier oil and massage every week to maintain a healthy skin.

Citronella Essential Oil and Avocado Carrier oil

The essential oil of Citronella repels insects and germs. It relieves pain in muscles and bone junctions. It revives your skin by purifying the sweat gateway pores and detoxifies your body. It even tones and tightens your skin to make you feel young.

Soothing properties of Avocado oil will treat your dry skin or eczema. It cleanses the skin of bacteria and viruses and reduces inflammation and itching tendencies.

These massage oils will make your skin soft like never before and leave you wanting for more.

Try these massage oil combinations for your massage sessions hereafter and thank the heavens that you came across this article. Keep enjoying life with a pure pleasure of organic massages.


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