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Aromatherapy is pure natural, organic medicine which uses essential oils and other plant ingredients to improve your health. The aromatherapy oils are basically applied in three ways:

  • Aerial Diffusion: The oil is made to evaporate into the air. It gives the atmosphere a certain fragrance and keeps the house fresh. It is a method to disinfect the air and keep away disease-causing germs as well as several insects harmful to your family.
  • Direct Inhalation: It involves direct breathing in of air and helps in respiratory disinfection as well as gives psychological benefits.
  • Tropical Application: This method includes direct application of essential oil onto your skin and is also used in massages and baths.

Reed Diffusers

What are these?

Essential Oil Reed Diffusers are containers of essential oil into which diffuser reeds are dipped. These reeds are very porous and therefore are excellent for diffusing the evaporating diffuser oils of your choice of fragrance into your home atmosphere. In this way the entire aromatic and therapeutic energy of the essential oils is permeated into the air.

How to use?

  • Fill the diffuser container with water and put a few drops of essential oil in it.
  • Partially dip the reeds into the liquid container.
  • Let the reeds soak in the diffuser oil for some time and then turn over.

Inhalation of air perfumed with the effects of essential oils stimulates the olfactory part of the brain which controls the memories and emotions. This head starts the process of making happy chemical in the body which causes you to be calm and relaxed.

Bring a reed diffuser set and a selection of aromatic oils and keep your home perfumed as well as house a peaceful environment for healthy living.

Oil Burners and Lamps

What are these?

Another wonderful way to utilise the total effects of aromatherapy products is by bringing home the oil burner. It consists of a hot bowl with diluted essential oil in its top portion, from which diffuser oil is dispersed into the air either by a fan or by an electrical heater.

How to use?

  • Fill the bowl at the top of the burner with water and pour a few drops of essential oil in it.
  • Place a tea light inside.
  • Enjoy the continuous evaporation of essential oil perfumed in your home atmosphere.
  • Keep an eye on the bowl so as not to let all the water evaporate from it.

With Oil lamps, not only will you gain all the benefits of the essential oils, but it also performs the role of an awesome home adornment.


What are these?

Essential oils are rooted in the soy wax which is used during making of the aromatherapy candles. Burning the candle releases the essential oils into the atmosphere.

How to use?

  • Choose your favourite fragrance of candle.
  • Find a place in your house. Keep it out of the way of children.

When the candle it lit, it will serve you non-stop very faithfully and keep your soul uplifted throughout the day.

Roll On

What are these?

These are diluted essential oils for you to apply tropically on affected area. Using these gives positive energy vibes. For example, aromatherapy roll on  can be used to get rid of headaches, anxiety and mental distractions. They also help in pre-menstrual pain relief and boost immunity.

How to use?

  • Keep a collection of aromatherapy roll on.
  • Apply on pulse point areas like behind ears, back of neck, inside wrist and on temples.

Massage Oils

What are these?

Massage oils are made of different types of essential oils, either individual or blended, mixed with carrier oil. This tropical application is the most effective and visually relaxing technique to exploit benefits of aromatherapy.

How to use?

  • Find your choice of carrier oil and essential oil.
  • Add 20 drops of essential oil in 60ml of carrier oil.
  • Massage entire body or a particular part of the body.

These five ways of using aromatherapy will change your life. Introduce them in your daily life to take advantage of nature’s gift in the form of positive energy.


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