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Massaging has been generally associated with infants for their muscle growth and bone strength. But adults too need a massage depending on the situation and the massage oils used can be different from those used for infants. The oils used for massaging aren’t that important in the process, they are primarily used for avoiding friction between skin and hands. So let’s get to know the classification particularly for adults first for different scenarios when different oils would act as toppers.

  • Grape seed massage oil/ Sunflower massage oil

There might be a case when you can be allergic to some nut oils. That can be tested by placing a patch with oil drop on the skin for 24hours, and if irritation, redness, swelling don’t occur, then you aren’t allergic. But if that happens, then in such a scenario, it is best advisable to use grape seed massage oil or sunflower massage oil. Also, sunflower massage oil is recommended for mature skin type and in case of bruises because of its protective, detoxifying, healingand nourishing nature and grape seed massage oil is recommended for preventing and treating acne.


  • Lavender massage oil/ Tea tree massage oil

Many a times, a massage oil can’t be applied directly and it has to be mixed with a carrier oil, until it is lavender massage oil or tea tree massage oil. Both of them have a mild, sweet, nutty or herbaceous aroma and are commonly used in aromatherapy sessions.


  • Apricot massage oil/ Almond massage oil

If you are looking for a head to toe massage and a versatile oil to match all performance parameters, apricot massage oil and almond massage oil are the ones you should target. Moreover, they help in maintaining moisture in the skin for long and vitamin E in them also provides lot of other benefits. These oils are particularly good for sensitive skin types because of their soothing nature and can be applied without consultation in case of eczema, irritation, redness, infections.

  • Camellia massage oil

If you are looking for massage oil specifically for your face, then you must go for this one because the anti-oxidants help in improving complexion and restoring balance. Moreover a lot of anti-aging products also use Camellia oil due to its benefits.

  • Sesame seed massage oil

It is an ancient practice of using these sesame and coconut massage oils because they provide complete nourishment from scalp to toe. Also, sesame massage oil can be used for cleansing the mouth and coconut massage oil can be used by all skin types.

For your baby’s skin, following massage oils can be used safely without a second thought-

  • Coconut oil

Since coconut oil contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, it can be easily used to prevent infections and is considered one of the finest oils for massaging baby’s skin.

  • Almond oil

Using almond oil provides the baby’s skin with essential vitamin E and antioxidants which are higher in amount compared to coconut oil. Also, almond oil helps giving your baby a healthy and glowing skin.

  • Mustard oil

It can be used for your baby from head to toe is mustard oil. It really helps in strengthening bones and muscle development. It also helps in preventing infections and can be particularly used during winters.

  • Pure ghee

Not one of the commonly used massage mediums, ghee helps saving the baby from cold specifically. It is advisable to use it for the baby during season change and winters.

  • Olive oil

Since olive oil is one of the oils highly rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it can also be used for massaging the baby effectively to provide nourishment for long.

Massaging is currently an uncommon practice especially among adults. But if you follow the above tips, it is for sure that massaging would become one of your favorite experiences and means of relaxation. So go ahead and grab your favorite massage oil.


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