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You lie down, roll on the floor, sleep anywhere you feel like, and all this is possible only in your home. If it is not hygienic then how will it feel like a home? Your kids cannot be watched 24×7, because at some point or the other you are going to work. Instead of traumatizing yourself by constantly worrying about what your kids are up to, just make sure that even in your absence your home is perfectly suitable for them to roam around freely. How do our mothers keep everything in place? How are we not always sick from those germs? Other than the fact that your mother is a genie sent to save you, there are certain things she never forgets to use. Be it the detergent, freshener or a sanitizer she knows the importance of it all. Read on to know about some of the products that can help you immensely in keeping all those germs at bay.

  1. Laundry.

Washing clothes has always been one of the hardest works once you start to take care of yourself. The detergent washes away all the moisture from your hands and leaves them dry and rough. There are laundry detergents that are completely natural and biodegradable. Their added advantages include:

  • No fillers or artificial foaming agents.
  • Easy on your hands, clothes as well as the earth.
  • Not harmful to the soil even when let out.
  • Save water, which comes in handy in places where there is chronic water shortage.
  • Useful for baby clothes and napkins.
  1. Floor sanitizers:

Sitting on the floor is common in many households in India. Also, worshipping and yoga are mostly practiced on the floor. Having an unclean floor will adversely affect your mood as well as your health. Keeping the floor unstained is of utmost importance in homes where there are kids. Not only do the germs stick to your baby’s hand, but they also cause diseases by entering their system.Natural floor sanitizers have the following advantages:

  • Clean floors, tiles and all kinds of surfaces.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Repel insects
  • Remove bad odour, purify and freshen air.
  • Ideal for private as well as public uses.
  • Cost effective.
  • Last very long.
  1. Pet care:

Pets are always dear to us. They climb, crawl, lick and do whatever they feel like and we let them. The danger of diseases spreading is always there. Life can get much easier if we know that we can let our pets do anything and still keep them as well as us from away from germs.You can get natural pet care products. The sprays help your pet remain odour free and keep ticks, flea and mice away. 

  1. Mosquito repellents:

Mosquitoes can create a very disturbing atmosphere to live and to work. They are also the carriers of deadly diseases like dengue, malaria etc. Certain mosquito repellents work 24×7, while sleeping, playing, indoors, outdoors. These are very useful when you go out on holidays for hiking, camping, fishing etc.

  1. Room fresheners and bathroom fresheners:

Room Fresheners, though not directly effective in cleaning and killing germs, can give you the feeling of a very sterile home just by changing the smell of your room. These also affect your mood and can change it almost instantly.

Bathrooms are the thinking spot for a lot of us. Why not change your mood as you like? But before any of that, it is very important to keep the bad odour away from your bathrooms. Bathroom fresheners come in many types and you can always choose the one that suits you.


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