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Keeping the bathroom clean and fresh is like the most important part of maintaining a household. Cleaning the other rooms in the house may seem easy when compared to the bathroom. This is basically because people tend to visit the bathroom more for various reasons. This is the place where one goes to for ensuring a proper personal hygiene. For reasons as such, it is really important to keep the place fresh and get rid of all the bad odours that surround the place.

We all know what the bathroom is usually used for by people. Right from making a number to having a refreshing bath, everything takes place in the bathroom. This does not mean that the person will visit it only once during the day. This is where the bathroom fresheners come handy. An effective freshener will keep the bathroom fresh and odour free even after the place is used repeatedly throughout the day. These products need a replacement during once or twice a month, if needed.

Bad odour can prevail in the bathroom due to several reasons.

  • Damp clothes and towels that are not put to wash properly after using them.
  • Defective exhaust fitting in the bathroom.
  • Forgetting to clean the bathroom at least once in a week.
  • Not disposing off properly the used toiletries.

Currently there are many bathroom fresheners that are available in the market that seem to serve two purposes here. One, it mainly serves the purpose of keeping the bathroom fresh( every time the person enters it and the second is that, they come in decorative designs and can be used as a bathroom decor. These bathroom fresheners may either be the synthetic ones or the natural and the organic products. From the recent research it can be seen that, people have started to use the organic fresheners more. This is so because, organic fresheners does not seem to have any toxic effect when compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Organic fresheners come in various forms. It is like, you name it and it is definitely present in the market. People can choose from these ranges based on their personal choice of fragrance and the decorative pack that these fresheners come in. The most widely used form of organic fresheners include,

  • Spray fresheners that are used once in a day, especially in the morning.
  • Essential oils that can be mixed in the water.
  • Diffuser sets that has essential oils mixed in them.
  • Plug in fresheners that can be switched on as and when needed.

After all this, one might simply say that they do not need any of these products to keep the place fresh and clean. They might also add that cleaning the place will save up on these products. This may be true to some extent but not always. If that was the case, then these products would not have even made it to the markets. These bathroom fresheners help to keep the place free from odour throughout the day and some of these fragrances are also seen to have medicinal values.

  • Maintain air quality:

The fresheners maintain the quality of air that circulates inside the room. These absorb the bad odours and keep the room fresh.

  • Remove the toxins:

They remove the toxins that might circulate in the room after the repeated use.

  • Saves time on cleaning:

Using a bathroom freshener saves a lot of time that is spent on the cleaning the bathroom.

  • Keeps the diseases away:

It kills all the harmful micro organisms that might still be present in the air after using the bathroom and thus prevents the onset of any form of disease in the person using it.

  • Fresh odour throughout the day:

It keeps the room fresh all day long and even after repeated use of the place, one does not feel nauseous to enter it.

  • Medicinal and aromatic value:

The fragrances and the ingredients that are used in the fresheners are medicinally valuable and are effective in keeping the diseases at bay.

It is important to keep the bathroom fresh, since once we move out from there and travel to another room, we might carry the bad odour along with us. This really does put the entire house into a bad condition and will be like a free invite for all the toxins. Using an effective bathroom freshener will help to get rid of all these problems.


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