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It is quite fascinating to know how mosquitoes decide who they are going to bite. For those of us who are parents we need to protect mosquitoes from biting our children and spreading disease. In order to do this we employ a range of devices including a mosquito repellent patch. Parent might wonder why, in a group of children, only their child gets bitten while others get away. This answer can be attributed to simple biology as a range of compounds are released by us which attract mosquitos. Everything from the colour of our clothes to our body heat and the movement made indoors place us on the mosquito’s radar. However the most attractive factor is actually we release through our pours which sends the signal of desirable we could be to them .

How does the mosquito repellent patch work?

The mosquito repellent patch works through supplying the blood with a supplementary dosage of Vitamin B1 through the skin directly. This is effective as it supplies a long lasting dosage of natural Vitamin B1 into the wearer’s blood stream. This is released through your pores ultimately to literally taint chemical mixtures that otherwise turn you into an appetizing meal to mosquitos and bugs. As Vitmain B1 passes through the entire circulatory system this results in your body being completely covered with no part of your children being left to the mercy of mosquitos!

How is the mosquito repellant patch made safe for children?

The mosquito repellant patch is made safe for children as there is no harm in absorbing too much of any one kind of vitamin. You must never worry about the direct release of Vitamin B1 also known as Thiamine. It is common knowledge that too much build up with regards to vitamins leads to ill effects and disease. This is due to most vitamins being fat soluble and usually accumulate in your body thanks to the reality of the situation. Children do not feel side effects from excess absorption of vitamins with Vitamin B1 being water soluble and not lending itself to being accumulated within the body.

Use of the mosquite repellant patch increase levels of Vitamin B1 in the blood stream. Excess Vitamin B1 passes through the body without accumulating or adding harmful effects to your child’s system.

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