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The bond between you and your dog is unmeasurable. Pet safety is a big priority for all pet owners. Though at times even the best of friends get separated. Whether you need to be at work or heading out for groceries, at times your best friend ends up home alone. Here are a few cool items in order to keep your pet safe and calm while you are out of the house and to ensure that pet safety is maintained at all times.

  1. Thundershirt – Named after their very cool ability to be able to keep dogs calm during a thunderstorm, are an amazing product in soothing a stressed dog. This shirt is designed to gently but snugly wrap around your dog’s chest, creating the physical sensation while is extremely calming for a number of dogs even when there isn’t a thunderstorm! This product is immensely popular with both dogs, owners and vets and the Thundershirt ends up being the difference between your dog going to sleep while you’re out, and causing a ruckus around the house. 
  2. Webcam – Nothing beats being able to conduct direct observation. Using a webcam you are always able to look in on your best friend. These days webcams provide your high-fidelity audio and HD footage. You are also able to instruct and control webcams in notifying you of loud noises such as whining or barking. Some webcams even provide the option of being able to directly speak to your furry friend using the camera’s internal speaker making for one super cool product. 
  3. Wearable pet tracker – This is the age of technology and doggie wearables are the hottest thing in the market now! There now exists dog monitors which attach to collars keeping tracking of your pet’s activity. These wearables allow for the owner to use their smartphone in checking up on their best friend while outside the house. Some wearables provide a GPS tracker that maps your pet’s movements reporting their progress to you. This is massive for any owner. 
  4. Nest protect – Staying away from home now means you can know what your pet is doing. The market now has an internet connected smoke alarm which sends updates about the house to your smartphone. You will find out immediately if traces of carbon monoxide or smoke are detected at home. 

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