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Aromatherapy has a very strong base when it comes to the use of essential oils for the purpose of therapies. This form of therapy has had long-lasting positive effects on the people using it. For a long time now, aromatherapy has been used for two purposes. One is to remove any sort of ailment or distress from the body and the other is to provide a total sense of relaxation to the person using it. Essential oils form a major source for this form of therapy, which is heated or mixed with water in order to spread the fragrance around for the person to inhale. Majority of people use the reed diffusers than the heating devices for reasons of their own. Before choosing the essential oil, make sure to consult with the doctor to make sure that the particular fragrance does not cause any form of allergies.

Reed diffusers over heated devices

In aromatherapy, the heated devices may either be electrically heated or manually after the diffuser oil is mixed with the medium. It must be kept in mind that these oils that are used in the diffuser sets are highly flammable and direct contact with heat can turn it to flames, if the temperature is not controlled. Another downside to the heated diffusers is that, the essential oils may end up losing their integrity or their fragrant effect on heating. Reed diffusers  on the other hand, are safe and effective, providing a very long lasting fragrance. These work on the principle of diffusion of oil through porous materials. Reed diffusers generally consist of reed sticks that have long pores in them. When dipped in the diffuser oil they absorb it and spread the fragrance throughout the room. This provides a long lasting effect than the diffusers that needs to be heated every time to get the effect.

Choosing the perfect diffuser oil

The essential oils that are used in the diffuser sets have a medicinal property of their own. These are extracts that are obtained from plants and their parts like the leaves, flower and the roots. These are considered to be effective for both the physical and the mental well-being of a person. They perform functions right from boosting brain functions to removing ailments related to the various organ systems of the human body.

One cannot say that the essential oils agree with everyone. What seems to be effective for one person can cause some sort of allergies to the other. Therefore, it is an important point to remember that one must consult their doctor to know their susceptibilities to allergies to particular fragrances. This will help in deciding the perfect essential oil for the reed diffuser for the therapy.

Oils for aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses various types of essential oils. While purchasing these, make sure to get them along with the diffuser sets and also a refill bottle of essential oil. This saves the cost of the diffuser set and also can come handy in the future if the oil gets over.

  • Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is seen to be very much effective for problems related to the respiratory system and the nervous system. Be it asthma, common cold, cough or some sort of mental disorders, the lavender oil serves as the perfect remedy for all these ailments.

  • Vanilla oil:

This essential oil is especially used by people having some difficulty in sleeping and those who are in a constant state of depression. The fragrance of the essential oil when inhaled relieves the stress from the body and the mind and helps one to relax. Added to this, this also serves as an antioxidant as well as an anti-cancerous agent.

  • Green apple:

The oil is very much helpful in achieving clear vision and can also be used as an anti-inflammatory agent. This relieves the respiratory distress faced by a person and eliminates any form of skin irritation or rashes that appears on the body.

  • Mandarin:

Obtained from a citrus fruits, mandarin oil can be used for treating ailments that affects any part of the body. This reduces digestive stress caused by indigestion and acts as a muscle relaxant thereby proving to be helpful in preventing cramps and muscle spasms.

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