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The fact that the two make for a gorgeous home setting should be enough to convince you as to the familial or romantic possibilities of having these particular decor elements.The combination makes for some magazine-worthy looks as long as you have them in the right places.

With wind chimes, you do not necessarily need to have them hanging from the porch or balcony so they can catch the breeze and tinkle; make that beautiful sound depending on the type of wind chime. You can also just hang them in normal settings where they will never make a sound, their look matters just as much.

  1. Natural Handcrafted Wind chimes

These are exceptionally beautiful and rather ethnic too. Most machine-made models lack the attention to detail and sheer natural charm this class of wind chimes bring to your home.

  • Based on the length and thickness of the hollow metal tubes, different sounds can be heard as the wind dances with the chimes.
  • Generally, a collection of five metallic rods are considered propitious for home use, especially if hung facing west.
  • In this regard, there are severalother notions for attracting peace, harmony, and prosperity into your home via wind chimes.
  • A lot of research goes into making handmade wind chimes. Vedic experts are also consulted to help with their ‘harmony’ attracting designs.
  • Science has discovered that the sound made by wind chimesinfluence right-brain activity (in that hemisphere of the brain). By easing your logical thinking capabilities, wind chimes help you de-stress and feel creative, imaginative even.
  • Harmonic resonance, energies, celestial energies, universal energies, call it what you will. These are taken into consideration with select hand-crafted wind chimes. As you can imagine, your home’s decor and state are both benefited with a couple or more wind chimes hanging around.
  • Sometimes you may even come across Vedic-based hangers that are not wind chimes at all. They should not be if they are to have vastu seeds, terracotta Diya and samaya Diya designs, rudraksha, and coloured glass beads comprising them. These are purely Vastu-based, if this is something you are looking for.


  1. The Magical Beauty Of Candles

Beeswax candles are without doubt the ideal choices for natural decor for homes.


  • Not only do they look and feel splendid, many of them are scented as well.
  • Beeswax is made from beehives not bees themselves. Still, they are entirely natural and contain absolutely no chemicals.
  • This is the only type of candle in the world that is known to remove negative ions in the air, serving as a reliable ionizer.
  • They burn a solid 5-6 hours from wick-lighting to the very end. That is a lot of hours; repeated uses possible before buying another.
  • They give off no soot at all as they burn.
  • Why are beeswax candles so expensive? It is often rare to get one’s hands on beeswax, namely the waxy substance that worker bees make and use as building material for the hexagonal comb cells in hives. This is the raw material going into beeswax candles, and one cannot go around taking everything available in nature lest the bees die out in the process.
  • Why are bees so important? According to educated estimates, bees fly 150,000 miles to collect sufficient nectar to produce six pounds of honey. Out of this, one pound of wax is secreted. For every 100 pounds of honey they harvest for human consumption, a beekeeper can safely obtain only 1-2 pounds of beeswax.
  • Without bees, there is a high probability that entire plant and soil ecosystems will be terribly affected, which in turn influence animal-life, and by extension us human beings.
  • With beeswax candles, you are practically part of one of Nature’s grandest organic substances entrusted to insects (bees) that are keeping our world alive even as we speak.



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