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We treat home as a toy and do numerous modifications to it depending on the situation or even mood. The competition for the best home makes little sense, as anyone is most comfortable in their own shell. But for getting the 'wow', there are some secrets that give you the needed edge.

Tools for cutting into the edge

There are some basic necessities required in a house. No matter whether your house is swarmed by guests but it must be always ready for one. A good and well-furnished home means lesser work is done on the floor.

  1. Fill your space with adequate seating. Keep a mixture of sofas and chairs. Always keep space for at least two people extra.
  2. Brighten your home with preferably white light. White light radiates intense energy and charm around. Every room and passage must be supplied with lights. Add candles to elevate the class and elegance.

  1. Every good home has a dining table, tea table, study table and a dressing table. Apart from this there must be a stand for everyday clutter and another for the Television and Home theatre.
  2. Supply the space with shelves for books and showpieces. They can be combined. And for storing the clothes, the wardrobe must be the size of two cupboards for two people, say.
  3. Decorative beds add to the beauty. Armor kitchen with all required utensils and make them visible outward. At least one carpet is a must in the house.

Choosing the most beautiful furniture simplified:

  1. First, look at your living room. Stage where your furniture would be and its size. Make sure that there is not too much congestion for people to move across. Also decide the right number of furniture.
  2. Depending on what the living room will be mostly used for, choose the designs. Elegant, rare and delicate designs can be chosen if you have to frequently welcome guests. Otherwise look for strength and longevity first. Prefer wood finish furniture as they add the most beauty. Light colors if guests are rare, but for everyday use choose darker shades.
  3. Go for the designs. Formal and official furniture must have moldings and plenty of carvings. Modern furniture is all about sleek lines. Go with the interior and match its era. If your interior is simple go on a theme and choose all other furniture with this theme.
  4. Add in exotic items like wind chimes to make the rooms lovelier.

  1. Go for neutral colors like grey and white. You can change the look by the covering you put or by changing the throw pillow designs. Also have an idea about the shape of the furniture. It is said that round furniture is more inviting than square ones. Prefer to go unconventional in all these points.

Being the owner of the most wow home: simplified:

  1. You home must be rich in art. One painting in the living room is a must. And do hang in the rooms. Panel art is gaining popularity. Choose your design and laminate in three different pieces and hang together.
  2. Cover most of the ground with rugs and carpets. The more area they cover, the more spacious the living space will feel.
  3. Dont overfill the shelves. Occasionally position tall vases among the books.
  4. Dont bore with the same color. Paint one of the walls with a different texture, preferably the one touching the head of the bed.
  5. Fix curtains of neutral colors. Make sure to allow maximum sunlight into the home. Keep the curtains throughout for most period of the day.
  6. It’s fun to put things in unexpected places. For example, you can arrange showpieces near the staircase rather than in the hall.
  7. Use air fresheners to bring in the magic of wonderful fragrance.

  1. In the bathroom keep the bath towels rolled. A slender mirror is the most beautiful. Clean the walls and the floor regularly.
  2. A scented candle or an aromatic diffuser can take one's mind to a heavenly ride with the beauty of your house in the background.

Now that the house is set, it is very essential to clean everything in and out at least once in a week. Moreover, become a cheerful and a welcoming guest. Start with the doormat, choose a colorful one, and decorate around the door with flowers. Surely, when they enter they will surely go 'wow!'


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