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A lot can be said about cleanliness. For those of you who believe you cannot maintain a clean house or apartment,you are probably using the wrong products. Just shifting to something organic has made a huge difference in the lives of homeowners.


Floor and surface cleaners, detergents for laundry use, and general multipurpose cleaners are not expensive if you shop with the right people. Quality products can help keep a home clean and ensure that it stays that way, looking and smelling fresh.


  1. Is Surface Cleaning Really All That Important?

Merely dusting off a surface and then sweeping the floor, following that up with a good mopping, is not sufficient.


  • Because you left objects, table, and/or chair surfaces undusted, the dust on them will drift to the floor and create visible water stains after you have mopped the floor.
  • In case the dust amount is less, you will find more dust is drawn to the little remaining on objects etc.
  • Suffice to say, facts are stranger than fiction and surface cleaning is the foundation step to a home clean-up.
  • Go for herbal products because their blend of plant extracts and aromatic oils serve as disinfectants and they provide scent to render your cleaning fresh and appealing.
  • Insect repellant properties are more reliable and effective in herbal products than synthetic chemicalized ones.
  • They contain no toxic substances, making them safe for use in households with children and/or pets.

 Any Mild but Potent Soaps Out There For Laundry?

Herbal laundry soaps are a great choice for at-home cleaning. They eliminate stains, dirt, and smells and work well under friction to accomplish the same. Mild on the fabric but tough on stains, this is a promise that organic laundry soap bars keep time and again.


  • Often containing non-edible oils as part of the ingredients list, along with fresh scents to impart a good smell to your clothes, herbal soaps are also kind to your skin. They do not dry them out.
  • You can even dilute a solution for use in the washing machine. And here is the cool part, herbal soaps are so natural that you can literally water your garden with the remaining dirty water and it will not be harmful to the plants.
  • This is because normal dirt is also organic and the organic laundry soap in question carries absolutely no toxins or processed chemicals like perfumes, artificial colors, fillers, etc.
  • Every ingredient should be organic in such products. If so, you have probably found the right laundry soap.



  1. I Am Desperately Looking for The Best Floor Fresheners.

Are you desperately looking for synthetic chemicalized versions, assuming that the harsher the chemical content the more effective the liquid?


  • Organic floor fresheners can double as insect repellents. Mosquitoes and roaches, flies and other undesirables are drawn to dirty and musty locations in a home.
  • Floor cleaners that smell good and act as powerful disinfectants come as welcome relief. Organic floor fluids are your best choice even in this category, because of their effectiveness and non-toxic nature.
  • A few drops in a bucket and a follow-up mopping is all it takes. They are also gentle on the skin, adding to their value.
  • On a similar note multipurpose cleaners can work on different floor types, from tile and wood to granite and marble. They impart shine and scent, are anti-fungal, and last longer between cleanings.



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