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What are Reed Diffusers?

The reed diffusers are the best way to fully capture the sweet scent of aromatherapy oils into your house. The apparatus is made in a manner so as to convey the vapourised oil into the atmosphere so that you can receive the rewarding consequences of aromatherapy essential oils.

Why Reed Diffusers?

  • Natural Diffusion: The scent of the oil contained in the reed diffusers is naturally dispersed into the atmosphere.
  • Soot Free Atmosphere:Unlike candles, reed diffusers are free of flame, which means absence of soot. So it assures a composed environment of tranquillity without any irritation to your lungs, nose or skin.
  • No risk of fire: There is no way your house is going to catch a fire by a reed diffuser. It is therefore the best suited for use in home as well as at workplace.
  • Easy maintenance. Once you establish a diffuser reed at its place, it will be more than four to five months before you have to worry about it again. And refills are available after the expiration of the content. Grab your favourite fragrance and continue the service.

  • Can be used anywhere. In your home, in your car, in office, in classrooms, reed diffusers are just so robust and can practically be used everywhere.

  • Versatility in Space. You can put different reed diffusers in different rooms of your house to set the desired mood for each room. Scent to foster focus and determination in your child’s study room, a romantic aroma in your sitting room, a sleepy, relaxing one in your bedroom. It’s possible now using the reed diffusers.

How to begin?

  • Choose your favourite fragrance of oil.
  • Pick the size of the diffuser. The larger the size the greater the fragrance effect.
  • Open the package.
  • Pour into the container, usually a bottle of the diffuser oil
  • Insert the reeds carefully and align them to give a majestic look
  • Set the reed diffuser at a high place, out of the reach of children and your own clumsy hands. The choice of placement shouldn’t be a remote corner of your house where the diffusion process is difficult.

How do they work?

The reeds used in reed diffusers are made from porous material. 3-4mm thick these things contain many cellular sections that effortlessly soak the diffuser oils from bottom to top. The porosity also makes it an excellent diffuser. The reeds disperse the evaporated diffuser oil fragrances into the air and voila! The room smells like heaven.

Extra Tips to Know How to Work the Diffuser Reeds just Right

  • Amount of diffuser oil to start out with. Keep the container more than half full in the beginning. This will help the reed soak much oil from every available surface and will even promote the permeability of the reed surface for continuous use.
  • Exact number of reeds to be used. It really depends on you. The room space and doors and windows also play a side role in deciding the number. Start with as much as 8-10 reeds and see if you need more scent in the air. Increase the number likewise.
  • Flip for more. Remind yourself to flip those reeds every few days to have a persisting presence of the essence in the air. More flips means faster evaporation of oils.
  • Refills and Order. It is preferable to wash the container and change the reeds when you refill the bottle. This will ensure that the saturated reeds, clogged with dust, do not decline the performance of this amazing product for your benefit.
  • Protection for your furniture. The last thing to note is that you’ve placed the reed diffuser with care because you don’t want the diffuser oils to leave marks on your luxury furniture.

The reed diffusers have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple years as people have started noticing the ease with which to bend the pleasures of aromatherapy to their advantage. With so many fragrances of existing reed diffuser oils,and this user guide, you should have no problem hosting all kinds of reed diffusers at your place.


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