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After a long day at work no one expects a bad odor inside their house. But many a times, things seem absolutely out of control and cure remains the only solution instead of prevention. Thanks to those air fresheners that help in eliminating the bad odor.

Are you still thinking if air fresheners are really effective and should you invest in one of those? If that is the scenario, you will be amazed to know that air fresheners and incense can be your real buddies in those bad odor times when you feel extremely helpless. All you need is to know about a few usually occurring smells that can be a real distraction for you and how fresheners can be a real help for you in such a scenario.

  • Smell from the bathroom

So basically the smell from the bathroom can come when it is overused or underused. It can be methane-sulfur smell if underused which can be treated with bathroom fresheners keeping a good quality and highly effective bathroom freshener can work wonders for you if it contains chemicals such as Benzisothiazolinone, Sodium Polyacrylate, Cyclodextrin. Since these are very strong chemicals, their use should be kept limited to such strong stink areas only.

  • Smell from rooftop vents

This specifically occurs because a lot of plumbing pipes run from the roof to the house. So many times, when wind moves fast, it creates pressure on the vents that are designed to release the sewer odor into the air. This in turn moves the odor back to the house and spoils the whole environment. As a detail, this smell is similar to that of rotten eggs and is actually hydrogen sulfide.


  • Smell from the kitchen sink

As we all know, the kitchen sink sees an exhaustive usage that simply is unavoidable. So when you feel that the bad smell is strictly from the sink pipe near the bend where hair, dirt or any other junk might be deposited causing an unpleasant odor all around, fragrances should be used.


  • Smoke

Since smoking can happen at home, it affects the atmosphere of the entire house and gets embedded in air carpets, ducts and even walls. Although it needs a professional to help in such a scenario, but a chemical called TSP (trisodium phosphate) helps with the walls and locks the smell after a new paint is done. Also, it is advisable that one uses a strong air freshener regularly if smoking is a frequent practice in the house.

  • Smell from the washing machine

These days, no household can survive without a washing machine. But that is also a major source of bad odor in the house. In case of a front loader washing machine, water is kept from spilling and after the door is closed, there is no way for the water to escape. That creates an obnoxiously bad smell and only an air freshener can help if sprayed regularly after use.


  • Smell from pet urine

No pet lover would like to have a house without his/her pet, but there are repercussions too. Once a pet urinates on the carpet or curtains, it becomes a huge trouble and an unwelcome situation. The only solution that remains is to use a good enzyme cleaner that can eat away that offensive smell.

  • Smell from decaying animals

This might seem simply an unbearable one, but one has to deal with it,especially if that is a dead rat’s smell. And the worst problem is yet to be told. The animal is bound to be found in the most unexpected places. So simply cleaning the area is just not enough. It requires exterminators to remove the animal and a strong disinfectant to cleanse the area.

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